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3DXChat porn game review

3DXChat is probably one of the best online porn game available at the moment. It can provide you with a much more unique sex experience than any other 3D sex video games of the same kind. If you are looking for an online sex game with a nice community and good graphics then 3DXChat might be just for you. Let’s dig in!

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3D virtual chat with broad customisation options

3DXChat is (and sorry for such comparison) a porn version of Sims 3, but the cool twist is, there is a real person behind every avatar with whom you can interact, socialise and romance online.

The game features a wide range of avatar and home customisation options. You can custom almost everything about your character to make it look just like you (or rather the ideal you).

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By default, you get two separate fully furnished and spacious apartments, which you can redecorate with different furnishing options, like changing the wall design or floor covering, or put a stripper pole in the middle of the living room, why not?

3DXChat is an open-world game, which means you can move freely between the different locations. Hit the beach and join some hot babes to play volleyball, visit the night club and get wild public sex with a bunch of strangers, or go discover other locations where the activities often include banging other people (yay!)

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Also, you can participate in social events, parties and contests organised by real players! Some are public, others require a private invitation. Whether you prefer to spend valuable time with a single player or participate in a massive orgy with endless fetishes, you will always find an event fulfilling your interests. If not, create your own!

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Virtual sex world experience

The in-game socialisation is quite like a second skin. Become whoever you want — don't be a complete asshole though — make some friends and get intimate. Even though easy sex is a major aspect of the 3DXChat, the main element of the game are people themselves. There is a vast and very diverse community of players coming from various parts of the world, so regardless you want to get laid or just have a good conversation with interesting people online, you will definitely enjoy your time there. And if you make an unfortunate encounter with a stupid cunt, keep in mind that you can simply block him/her.

3Dxchat 17

3DXChat is pretty much a real-life sex simulator. Get confident and approach that chick you would love to bang, you might have a nice conversation, spiced up with a good anal or deepthroat if things end well! Some players precise what they like and dislike in their profile, so keep in mind to check on that before getting yourself into a fem-dom fantasy!

The game provides a lot of different 3D animated sex scenes, from an innocent hug or kiss to a dirty ass-bang. You can choose from different sex positions for solo-pleasure, couples or threesomes involving beds, couches, chairs, floors… And a real-time chat where you can spice things up and get into dirty talking!

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High-end graphics for demanding players

The game graphics are really good. It's aesthetically pleasing, has smooth realistic animations with beautiful lightning and noticeable details really make the game stand out.

The game also has a decent soundtrack. The music in clubs is quite outdated, however the ambient music from the different locations are enjoyable enough that you won't feel the need to mute it after playing a couple of hours.

3DXChat VR and toy support

Good news, 3DXChat now supports VR the with Oculus Rift CV1! If you are lucky enough to own one, you will experience the game from a completely different perspective.

In addition, the game supports VStroker Fleshlight, a male sex toy that transmits every penetration movement to your virtual partner’s pussy, ass or mouth in real-time!

3Dxchat 8

Subscription Model

3DXChat function under the membership subscription provided by Sex Game Devil:

  • One month pay will cost you 19.99$;
  • A 6-month deal will be 9.99$/month;
  • and 1-year subscription will go at 7.5$/month

3DXChat proposes some additional in-game purchases but the game can be enjoyed fully using the subscription fee only.

And the best thing with the subscription is that it gives you access to all the developer's other games as well as to every new one at no additional cost.

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Should you play 3DXChat?

Overall 3DXChat is my favourite social / online adult game. Despite a couple of minor downsides (soundtracks in public locations haven't been updated in over a year, and the updates are quite rare as well), the game is quite polished. It's filled with fun social encounter and gives you a unique online sex experience. Make sure to check system requirements here to get the best out of the game.

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