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How to add my game on Steamy Gamer?

It's very simple to add your game on Steamy Gamer. Follow this guide to learn how to use our developer admin tool Uplewd, and start adding one or multiple games to our database of adult games!


Uplewd is a simple admin interface where you can edit your developer or publisher profile, while managing all the information about your games. It’s made to be as simple and straight forward to use, with little to no intervention from our staff at all.

1) How to get a developer account on Uplewd?

The first step is to get request an account on Discord or via Email. It’s a quality control step which allows us to get in touch with you and ensure that your game(s) comply with our minimum requirements.

On Discord you simply have to send a direct message to an admin and request an Uplewd account. Provide an email address, a link to your developer page and your game(s). After that you’ll quickly get an answer.

Same if you contact us via Email. Make sure to provide enough information about your game and we’ll get back to you within 48h.

2) How to access Uplewd?

Go to uplewd using this link:

Use your email and the password that was provided to log in.

Uplewd login

Don’t forget to change your password by clicking on the “Edit profile” button at the top of the page once you're logged in.

Change password uplewd

3) How to add my first game

Click the “Add a game” button on the sidebar. You will be asked to provide a name. Make sure it’s right because if you want to change it after this step, you’ll need to contact us.

Add new game Choose game title

Good! Your game is now a draft (notice the blue dot next to the game name in the sidebar) and you can start to add information about your game. Don't forget to click save after making your changes!

Game created

Once you have filled all the information (as much as you can) and your game is ready to be published, go to the “Publish” tab and click “Yes” then “Save”.

Publish game

This will trigger an alert on our side and we’ll check the information you have filled.

If it’s ready to go, we’ll officially publish your game and the page will be live on Steamy Gamer (and the blue dot will turn to green). We’ll also contact you via email to let you know that your game is live. From then on, you can do any number of edits on your game without any intervention from the admins.

If it's not ready we'll contact you about the missing information or errors that need correction.

4) How to edit my profile

Signing up to Uplewd also means you automatically get a developer page with some basic information.

To edit your profile, simply go to “Edit profile” and fill in the information.

Edit profile

5) How to promote my game and give it more visibility?

You want more visibility on your game? We got you covered! We can:

  • Create SEO optimized articles to attract a niche audience.
  • Include your game in some of our best articles to instantly attract new players.
  • Promote your game across our whole site or in specific places.
  • Write a full review of your game to help it convert better.

Contact us on Discord or via Email if you’d like to talk about your game’s promotion!