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7 Angels

by Nutaku

(2.9 for 26 votes)

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7 Angels porn game review


You got cursed by the sexy and evil Lilith to suffer an endless pain in hell. The only way to find redemption is to seduce each one of the seven angels. Fuck your way out of this adventure while having fun with horny girls along the way! 7 Angels is an android dating simulator in the form of a dating app, where you get involved in hot dates and seductive adventures, receive tons of nudes and have fun in challenging mini-games!

7 Angels Poster

An addictive sex dating-app video game

A unique porn game with an addictive story

7 Angels is a beautifully crafted game! Think of it as a messaging or a dating app where you get to talk with girls that will lead you to a bunch of crazy and sex-filled adventures.

7 Angels Landing Screen 7 Angels Main Menu

Your journey starts with the beautiful Lilith, a disguised demon living her fantasies in the human world and sexting you like no girl has ever before. After receiving a bunch of nudes that will make you ROCK HARD, she will share with you the adventure of getting an act of well-deserved revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Hungry for more and horny as ever, you will jump on an adventure across the country to join her and get a taste of her pussy. A journey that will ALSO be filled with sex and a bunch of horny girls.

Once you finally meet her, everything will not really go according to your plans, and Lilith will eventually curse you, forcing you to look for the 7 Angels of sins and to seduce them in order to retrieve your soul. Seven girls for seven unique chapters that will bring you more adventures, sex and beautiful artworks.

7 Angels Lilith Cucumber

A rich and consistent gameplay that always makes you crave for more

Eventhough adult games are getting better and prettier, it feels good to play such a well polished game. It looks very good, proposes a great deal of beautiful NSFW artworks, and has a very consistent and enjoyable gameplay. You never really feel tired of playing since it's always well balanced between and play time and wait times.

I know what you think and yes, there are "wait times" (it's a process that makes you wait couple minutes or hours unless you pay with in-game currency or real life money), and if most of the games are often abusive with wait times, 7 Angels is pretty smooth to play without investing any real money into it. Every day you have access to a spinning wheel where you can earn pretty much any currency and it is quite rewarding.

7 Angels Spinning Wheel 7 Angels Pussy Masturbation Pov

The game uses three different currencies: rubies, diamonds and energy. Those can be used for different purposes and traded for one another. Though your main resource is energy that replenishes over time and that you need to send / answer messages. Each answer might require a different amount of energy depending on how it can make you progress in the story. Beware of cheap answer, they might lead you to a dead end and force you to restart from the previous "checkpoint"!

7 Angels Anal Dildo Bareback

7 Angels proposes a gallery with almost a THOUSAND lewd artworks

Everyone enjoys lewd games in different ways, but honestly don't you hate it when after playing hours of it you barely get half a dozen of crap NSFW content? Well be reinsured, 7 Angels is FILLED with great sexual content, hand-drawn by a variety of talented artists who really know how to make you horny. The best part is that they are part of the game, opposed to being a bunch of rewards after completing a certain chapter. While you progress in the story with the different girls, they send you pictures relevant to the story, often selfies, as the game suggests.

Of course there is a bit of everything and for every taste. Whether it's a handjob in a helicopter, a horny secretary sending you nudes while masturbating with a dildo or a threesome with a bunch of girls from the mafia, there is always something to tease you and keep you interested. You never really know what you are gonna find next and that makes the game a lot more exciting to play.

In addition to the multiple pictures you get in your adventure, you can also unlock cards and emotes that are character specific and that adds to the beauty of the game. Always more!

7 Angels Chat Gabriela 7 Angels Bubble Game

Should you play 7 Angels?

In my opinion, you should DEFINITELY give it a try. 7 Angels is one of the only games I still regularly play, because I like the format, the artworks, the story and the gameplay. It is definitely in my top ten and I hope to see more of this type of games in the future, creating simple yet great gameplay experiences for adult gaming. Of course not everyone likes this type of gameplay, but I would recommend you to at least play the introduction. Morever the game currently proposes 2 seasons with dozens of chapters to play in almost any order, representing hours of lewd gameplay with a fun and well written scenario. A pure gem to play for hours long!

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How to download

  1. Click "Play" to go on the download page for 7 Angels (Nutaku).
  2. Create an account or log-in on Nutaku.
  3. Play in a browser or install the game on Android.
  4. Enjoy!


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