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8 Best OnlyFans Alternatives You Need to Know

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Since OnlyFans announced that it will not allow explicit sexual content anymore, it's time to find an alternative to source private and custom sexual content from NSFW creators. We made a list of the 10 best alternatives to OnlyFans you need to know about.

There are many other great websites just like OnlyFans

If OnlyFans made the access to crowdfunded sexual content more accessible and easy on the creator and consumer side, it created a whole new niche opening the gates to a numerous amount of platforms wanting to get a share of the market for themselves, and some of them have everything it takes to become great successors now that OnlyFans has decided to become a mainstream site.

Avn stars

AVN is a renown adult entertainment news brand that is famous for its porn video awards and magazine. They created their own subscription based platform for adult content creators called AVN Stars which is dedicated to the sex industry. You can subscribe to models just like on OnlyFans but you can also buy content "à la carte", send private messages and tips to your favorite model.

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ManyVids is one of the oldest website of this list and they have a very complete service and catalog. They propose live cams, subscriptions, paid content, chat, physical items shopping from your favorite models and even phone calls. The website is well-done and easy to navigate with tons of creators and content already.

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Despite its questionable violet colors, FanCentro is a solid alternative for any OnlyFans user and creator. It works very similar with an equally similar amount of features including subscriptions, live cams, clips, tips, messages and even stories. It's easy to navigate and mostly dedicated to sexual content so there is no risk that they will shift to mainstream-only content like OnlyFans did!

Go to FanCentro Loyalfans

Another adult focused platform and another great alternative to any subscription based fan site. Subscriptions, store, tips, messages, if there is one thing to notice when you get on LoyalFans, it's that its creators tend to propose more free content than on other websites, a great way to discover one's content before deciding to subscribe or to buy.

Go to LoyalFans
Inked girls

InkedGirl (or Inked Girls) is the tattoo-only version of OnlyFans. Considering that about half the adult creators are tattooed nowadays, it's as good of a platform to seek a great alternative to OnlyFans. They propose subscriptions, premium videos, custom videos but also live cams (which are barely used), and story subscriptions. The website is great to navigate and the models are exactly what you'd expect: stunning looking babes with tattoos.

Go to InkedGirls

Unlockd is quite a new site in the niche yet it's a promising platform for both straight and gay audience. It has any possible service you can think of, from subcriptions to custom requests, chat and more. It's simple enough to navigate and the only downside at the moment seems to be the lack of audience. It remains a great alternative and the perfect place to become the number one simp for new content creators.

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IsMyGirl is basically the broad audience version of InkedGirl, so it proposes the exact same features: subscriptions, premium videos, custom videos but also live cams and more. It's even more popular than it's second platform and also has a gay/men version of the website called IsMyGuy. Overall an excellent site and probably one of the best alternative and adult friendly platform from the list.

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MyGirlFund is the odd one in the list but it's unique in a way that it's mostly a one to one chat service. You can also purchase private photos and videos but the main idea of the website remains to become very close and personal in intimate discussions. The website is a bit clunky to use however and we can expect them to renew their offer and features if they intend to stay alive and face the competition.

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Why try an alternative to OnlyFans?

Adult-friendly fan sites requires adult-friendly features

The truth about OnlyFans is that it was never meant to become such an adult acclaimed platform. Creating adult sites where money is involved can be a very hard journey when it was not meant for it. Not only for payment providers and banks, but also for legal issues and the sheer amount of complains that you receive from a mainstream perspective.

Switching to an adult-friendly fan site is a better way for both consumers and creators to find a safe place to work that is adapted to their needs and to the services they propose. That's also why you find many more features in websites like compared to OnlyFans. Webcams for example is not something you'd advocate to a mainstream audience that would rather use Twitch or YouTube to promote their content.

A safer way to separate adult content and mainstream content

Overall the fact that OnlyFans is taking a strong stance by switching to mainstream content might be perceived as something bad, particularly for content creators, but it's rather good news on the long run.

Mainstream and adult content have never happily coexisted together. A good example of that is Twitch's recent problem with hot-tub streams that allow girls to be streaming in "underwear", basically turning Twitch into a cam site that was never meant to be. A lot of controversy has risen with numerous streamers being banned for accidental "explicit" content, when others are clearly milking the platform by bending the rules to their favor.