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All you need to know about Subverse from Studio FOW

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It's official, the adult tactical RPG/SHMUP Subverse has been fully pledged on Kickstarter and we can't wait to get our hands on it! If you didn't know Studio FOW, they specialize in hardcore 3D entertainment and are particularly famous for their R34 short movies and interactive games such as Lara in Trouble or Nidalee: Queen of the Jungle. The talented team have been quite silent in the past few months, in particular following a sudden ban from Patreon, but they came out strong by announcing Subverse, a new Sci-Fi RPG game they have worked on this past year, along with a kickass trailer and a Kickstarter campain that seems to be unstoppable. Even better, they are planning the release in July 2019!

Subverse is a Sci-Fi RPG mashup with deadly alien waifus you can bang

Enter the Prodiguim Galaxy aboard a stolen stealth Spaceship

Become the captain of the Mary Celeste, a spaceship gathering the sexiest and deadliest crew in the galaxy. From an illegal sexbot to a pirate warlord, your crew of naughty space waifus will assist in your missions as well as in your daily sexual activities. Because yes, they are horny as fuck.

You will fight up to 10 distinct factions including some pirates, bounty hunters or warrior pleasure droids in two different combat modes, in which you will gather DNA samples and other items that will help you progress both in the game and in your intimate relationship with your fuckdolls.

A mix of tactical grid RPG turn-based combat and Shoot-Em-Up

In addition to proposing a full 30 hours of gameplay, Studio FOW did a big favor to all the gamers and Sci-Fi fans by proposing not one but two completely different combat mechanisms, both looking beautifully crafted and fun to play.

The first mode will call to your reflexes and it already looks very promising. Any SHMUP amateur or classic arcade fan will find joy in this fast-pace nervous combat mode. Get aboard your ship and go fight your ennemies in space using the weapons of your ship!

Subverse Shmup Spaceship Mission
Subverse Shmup Combat

The second one is ideal for tacticians and XCOM amateurs, a turn-based combat mode where you will use your crew to defeat your opponents. It also looks gorgeous and shows how professional the team selected for this release is. It's developed on the Unreal Engine it they know what they're doing!

Subverse Tactical Combat Turn Based Rpg Screenshot
Subverse Tactical Turn Based Combat

You can bang alien Waifus?

Oh yes, you can bang them. Needless to say Studio FOW would not propose a game without the possibility to pleasure our fantaisies, however it is refreshing to see that they put some effort into making original characters rather than R34 content. And they are gorgeous! Nine beautiful female companions so far, created by the world-renowned art director Dzung Phung Dinh, and there is a good chance they will add more in the future. Check out the trailer to see for yourself.

Possibly the first AAA game for the adult gaming industry

More than $150,000 pledged on Kickstarter in 2 days

If Studio FOW was planning to fill a big gap in the adult industry, they might have just done that. They reached their Kickstarter goal not later than today, only two days after launching the campain. But it won't stop here, they have plenty of additional content planned for future milestones including more sex scenes, more quests, and the full voice acting for the characters.

Subverse Kickstarter

A large team with large expectations

Such a big project can be scary. Both for the team as for the pledgers. After all, Studio FOW is famous for their animations, not for their games. But they ensured that the team working on subverse, which is approx. 12 people at the moment, is composed of dedicated game developers having worked on Steam releases already, which sets up the game for the animation team that can henceforth focus on their own set of skills to propose the best game possible.

Studio Fow Logo

No pay-to-win, no merch, no bullshit

Kickstarter was a premium choice for Studio FOW especially after the issues they experienced with Patreon. It allowed them to set a realistic goal for the development of Subverse and to put the money right where it needs to be. This also means the game will not contain any in-game purchases and will be released entirely complete, which is still rare in the sex gaming industry today.

We can only hope that they will manage to release the game in-date and that it will be as good as it looks. If you'd like to participate in Kickstarter campain, check right here.

Subverse Demi Sexbot