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Don't Play VR Fuck Dolls, Play These VR Games Instead

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Forget about the overpriced and controversial VR Fuck Dolls game that hundreds of people describe as a scam. Play plenty of real VR games instead at a reasonable price and with amazing graphics and features!

Is VR Fuck Dolls a scam?

VR Fuck Dolls gameplay

What gameplay? Have you ever found any gameplay of VR Fuck Dolls on internet? No, because you won't find any. Don't you think that's a little strange for a game that pretends to be "the best and most realistic VR game" available on the market? In comparison, all of the games we will present you later in this article have tons of gameplay videos that you can easily find on internet, and the developers are very transparent about the development and the content of their games.

Isn't VR Fuck Dolls free? Why do they ask for a credit card?

Let's take a peek at the check-out page from their own website.

Vr fuck dolls payout

If you look at the little tiny text on the right, you will notice that the game is not as "free" as it claims to be.

  • Your lifetime free access to Premium Adult Games includes a 2 day free trial membership to Real Kind Of Love. If after 2 days you choose to remain a member of Real Kind Of Love and not cancel your free trial, your membership will renew at €39.95 and will recur monthly until such time as you cancel it. Your membership to Premium Adult Games will remain Free for Life. You will also receive a free membership to SocialDataPros.

So this is kind of confusing, you get a "free for life" membership to "Premium Adult Games" yet they force you to agree to a free trial to "Real Kind Of Love" for €39.95 per month and "SocialDataPros" for an unknown price. They might not even be the same companies and they might not give you any information about how to cancel those memberships.

In fact, this page looks very similar to most of porn scams ads that we've seen a lot on many porn sites.

Real VR Porn Games that you should play instead

One site for all your vr porn fantaisies

Don't worry, VR Fuck Dolls is far from being the only option available when it comes to VR porn games. And the good news is, there are plenty of very good games that you can play thanks to and its selection of premium games. Not only can you get access to hundreds of top quality VR games from serious developers by going premium, but you will also get access to all their premium VR porn videos! Let's take a look at the some of the games you can download from their website.

A Cyberpunk VR Game with fully customizable sex scenes

Captain Hardcore is an impressive sci-fi VR sandbox porn game taking place in a big spaceship. There is no defined story because you get to do whatever you want with all the female models at your disposition. You have access to plenty of sex toys and fuck machines that you can plug inside a girl's pussy, ass or mouth. They will even open their mouth when a sextoy gets close to it! An awesome experience with next-level graphics!

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Buy, train and fuck slaves in the ancient Rome!

Begin your journey in the ancient Rome as a slave merchant and buy your first girls that you will need to train sexually in order to sell them at a better price. By punishing and rewarding your girls, they will increase in value! Most of the game doesn't need VR to be played but all the sex scenes support VR headsets. Another game with beautiful graphics and well executed porn content.

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A kinky VR experience where you play a slave teased by dominatrix girls

Enter a creepy castle full of dominatrix girls and become their pet slave! This game is all about the experience, the fully voiced and animated female characters makes it an interactive VR game that you will never forget. The game uses the VR controller to detect your movements and asks you to kneel to the girls and more... Pro tip, play it naked for a better experience!

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The ultimate sandbox VR tool to make your dreams come true

Virt-A-Mate is not really a game, it's more of a toolbox allowing you to build you perfect sex experience. With a little knowledge in the engine, you can upload custom models and install mods that will allow you to create stunningly realistic sex scenes to a level that has never been achieved before in VR. If you'd like to know more about the game, check our dedicated article! Know that you can download a bunch of extensions such as VamX that will make the experience much smoother for beginners!

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A Japanese girl dating simulator

You probably have heard of VR Kanojo already or have seen images of the game somewhere. This japanese games features an adventure with Sakura, a girl living next door and slowly becoming your girlfriend as you get to know her better. The original game does not have sexual content but you can download the uncensored (+18) patch from their official website to unlock all the sex stuff and fuck your cute Japanese neighbor the way you wish to!

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A top realistic interactive sex experience

An amazing super realistic sex game with plenty of additional DLCs available for download. This game features 3D scanning and motion capture to provide the best sex scenes possible, and it's all very easy to install and play. The perfect VR porn experience for any new player looking for what's really possible in the world of VR sex games!

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Use for top quality VR games and videos

We can't promote it enough, is a great place for VR sex games and VR porn videos.

When you see the amount of fake, fraudulent and scammy content out there, we can only be happy that some websites are providing some real quality content at a decent price. That's the case of, in addition to all the free content they have, they propose a premium subscription for $19.95 providing an amazing amount of quality content. It's safe and secure, and most importantly very easy to cancel if you're not happy with what you're getting at this price (which honestly is more than reasonable).

Check out