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Hot Sex Games Updates (January 2020)

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Welcome to the first series of Hot Sex Games Updates! We will talk about the recent news for indie porn games including updates and new games! Take a seat and relax, we got you covered!

Hot sex games that you should know about

We already talked about Space Rescue: Code Pink in our article 8 Beautiful Patreon Porn Games in Development, well we finally got a chance to play it! This visual novel takes you out on a space adventure with Keen, a spaceship repairman lucky enough to be surrounded with a beautiful crew members! You can currently play the Public Demo (2.0) which contains around 20 to 30 minutes of gameplay, while Patrons can play the Demo (3.5). Fair to mention that the artworks and the sex scenes are absolutely stunning, the art is NEAT and very well integrated within the game engine, especially since developed and designed by a single person. We definitely recommend it to you and of course consider becoming a Patron if you'd like to support the game. We can't wait for the next updates, good luck Robin!

Space Rescue 4 Space Rescue 1 Space Rescue 2 Space Rescue 3 Space Rescue 5

Aurelia is a brilliant, high-quality, pixel-art sex game with stunning artworks and animations. The development started back in April 2018 and has been constantly improved ever since. Developed by Mirthal and designed by the talented pixel artist Walnusstinte, Aurelia is a RPG visual novel taking place in a medieval setting where you take the role of a young man inheriting his grand father house. You will play mini-games and accomplish quests to progress in a magical adventure filled with beautiful women. The latest version 0.14.1 was released this month and adds new scenes, backgrounds and a new intro for the game.

Aurelia Town Janet Aurelia Town Bar Aurelia Scarlet Pussy Licking Aurelia Sex Ivy Aurelia Janet Boobjob Aurelia Lily Blowjob

Hot Glue is a game we've only recently discovered, yet we are thrilled to talk about it. The game is a reboot of a project initiated by Mike Inel who designed and created "What if Adventure Time Was A 3D Anime Game", an dynamic RPG with a Kingdom Hearts fighting style. Well couple years later, here we are with a complete new license yet the same talent, to create a beautifully crafted pornographic game. And to be honest we're glad it turned out this way. The game aims to provide "tons of places and boss battles to play with" in the future, which already makes us quite hard. It's still at a very early stage but you can check out the available demo here and if you'd like to be updated on the development of the game you can become a Patron for 1$.

Hot Glue Hub Hot Glue Adventure Demo Hot Glue Charater Creation

Price for Freedom is a wild classic RPG based on the webcomic series of the same name and created by Team Dead Deer. The story takes place in a fantasy world with a very oriental color palette and style, offering all the elements of a Baldur's Gate-like experience: exploration, engaging dialogues, leveling, turn-based combat and obviously, a great deal of static and animated lewd-content. So far we've been really impressed with the scope of the project and the universe. The quality of the artworks and the environment are STUNNING. We LOVE the character design and particularly the hybrids. You can find the latest public build released this month here and as always, check out the Patreon if you want to support the creators!

Price For Freedom Hiho Dialog Price For Freedom Esther Dialog Price For Freedom Aya Sex Price For Freedom Terri Price For Freedom Skilltree Price For Freedom Samara Sex

Another indie game that we are happy to mention again, Cloud Meadow is a farming/dungeon crawler game taking place on flying islands where you can breed monsters! God knows howwe are so lucky to have another beautiful pixel-style game in the adult gaming industry! Cloud Meadow features hundreds of unique characters, hundreds of recipes to craft, cross-species romances for any genders, turn-by-turn combat (with stupidly amazing animations) including tons of skills and items to choose from and A SHIT TON OF ANIMATED SEX SCENES! I mean what the fuck else do you want? It's been said previously but it feels like a mix between Final Fantasy and Stardew Valley. You can play the current public build ( for PC and Linux. Despite the latest build not being as recent as we'd like, it's an exciting game that we had to talk about anyway!

Cloud Meadow Lesbian Sex Cloud Meadow Dialogue Cloud Meadow Environment Cloud Meadow Gay Furry Sex Cloud Meadow Animation Gallery Cloud Meadow City

Seeds of Chaos is a game that should have heard of already! Created and designed by the talented Venus Noire Games studio, Seeds of Chaos is an eroge medieval dark-fantasy RPG in which you get to play a villain where your ethical decisions will have consequences on the corruption of your character. The game at its core is a visual novel but proposes multi-branched dialogue trees and multiple endings, and it shines with top-notch quality artworks and lewd scenes which illustrate perfectly the dark themed environment "a la" Berserk, or even The Witcher. It's honestly a beautiful game with an interesting take on the VN genre with stunning sex including monsters, submission, same-sex and more! The latest public version is the 0.2.47 and already features +100 hours of gameplay. Check their Patreon page to support the developers and read more about the game!

Seeds Of Chaos Submission Blowjob Seeds Of Chaos Workshop Seeds Of Chaos Library Seeds Of Chaos Map Seeds Of Chaos Sex Scene Seeds Of Chaos Fight Scene

More hot porn games to discover on Steamy Gamer

This article is the first of a series that we hope you will enjoy! We will keep you updated about the hottest sex games to keep an eye on, and we'll let you know as soon as they are complete. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the public version and we'd love to hear your feedback!

You can also check our "Porn Games Releases in January 2020" to find out about the latest complete games available this month and you can check our categories if you'd like to find something just for you!