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How To Download Sex Games On The App Store (2024)

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You probably faced it — there are no porn games on the App Store. But you still CAN find real sex games for iOS and it's easier than you think. In this article, we will show you how to play sex games on your iPhone. For the latest legal, free and fully secured porn game recommendations, check the list below! If you are playing porn games on Android check our related article.

Well, you can't find porn games on the Apple App Store... BUT!

Similar to Google, Apple wants to keep its content family-friendly. Hence, they don't allow sexual content on the iOS App Store.

The good news, you can easily download and play sex games on your iPhone — most of them are playable directly in a mobile browser!

Check these porn game apps for iPhone

You don't think we would simply tell you that there are no porn games on the App Store and not give you any alternative do you? Don't worry we have you covered.

If you wanna get started right away, find our top iPhone games recommendations below!

Scroll down past that and you'll find the latest instructions on how to download them!

A fun porn game with plenty of humor and hundreds of slutty girls

Hentai Heroes is probably one of the funniest and most enjoyable sex game out there, because a slice of humor never killed anyone (or did it?). Jump into a crazy adventure in the Haremverse where countless hot girls offer sex for free and can be obtained at any moment. What else do you need to give it a try?

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A very Japanese type turn-based fighting game with tons of horny female warriors

Kamihime Project R will appeal to those looking for a classic fantasy game with real challenges, team building, and powerful enemies with a hentai twist. Collect and unlock hundreds of different female warriors with specialities of their own (healer, fighter, mage and so on) and progress in a story full of surprises!

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Juicy match3 sex puzzle

Naughty Nyx is a straightforward porn game where CandyCrush meets porn! While winning through levels of addictive Match3 puzzles, you live through a story full of sexy babes!

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Mobile game featuring captivating gameplay and kinky excitement!

Project QT is a fun mobile game with puzzle RPG mechanics and visually striking, uncensored graphics. Embark on a mission to combat a nasty space virus by recruiting sexy schoolgirls to your team. Use their abilities, strategize and build your squad from defeated monster girls, utilizing their unique strengths to fulfil your kinky desires!

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A hentai visual novel where cute girls put you into submission

In Detective Masochist you play as a detective working with a very cute and sexy assistant who turns out to be quite a masochist! Discover a story with multiple endings and the insatiable lewdness of three girls that all want to make you hard a dry!

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Adventurous hentai RPG game

Another hentai RPG with squat building features, strategic battles and spicy hentai. Lead the rebellion against ruthless women in power and bend over the unfair regime!

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Classic chess but make it horny!

Pretty self-explanatory, this game is about chess and fucking, sprinkled with a unique narrative on top!

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You can play iOS sex games in browser!

How to play porn games on an iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, you can play porn games directly in your iPhone browser. All you have to do: launch mobile browser-compatible games from Chrome or Safari. That's it, you're all set!

How to easily access games from the Home Screen?

To be able to access the game at any time, you can add it to your Home Screen by clicking the game/app icon, follow these steps:

  1. When the game is active on your screen, click the share icon – the middle button at the bottom of the browser;
  2. Then click "Add to Home Screen".
  3. Continue by clicking the "Add" button. And the game is added to your home screen looking exactly like the other apps!

Download and play sex games for iPhone right here on our website

Brown our selection of iOS sex games here or check out our selection of top iOS porn games.

We created Steamy Gamer for this exact purpose, propose a large selection of adult games on all platforms without having to struggle and search everywhere on the internet. We look for the best possible games from developers worldwide and bring you descriptions, screenshots, details and download links so that you don't have to do the research yourself!

Enjoy your time here and happy gaming!

Beware of sex games scams for mobile!

Be careful! If you watch porn videos on internet you might have seen some beautiful 3D advertising for sex games. MOST OF THOSE ARE SCAMS! We have a great article explaining how these work and why you should not trust them.

If you wanna to play sex games without getting ripped off, make sure to check the game on internet before giving any credit card credentials. To be honest, if you have to give your credit card to a game without knowing what it looks like beforehand, then it's most certainly a scam.

Or you can simply look at the games on Steamy Gamer since we always make sure that they are from serious developers without shady third-party payments that will make you regret even wanting to play porn games.