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Project QT

by Nutaku

(3.6 for 146 votes)

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Project QT porn game review

Project QT is an arcade / puzzle RPG game where you need to recruit schoolgirls to fight against a space virus that appeared after blackhole experiment in the Arctic. You will face monster girls and add them to your harem, before seducing and bending them to your naughty desires.

Project QT is a dynamic match 3 arcade game with tons of lewd scenes!

Collect more than 50 schoolgirls and monster girls while clearing the story mode or the online PvP arena! Each schoolgirl can be upgraded to 5 stars, each star unlocking a new undress state and increasing their battle skills. Seduce the monster girls and make them loyal to you to unlock a variety of animated H-Scenes. Clear the levels using a unique match 3 game to inflict havoc uppon your opponents.

Project Qt Arena Project Qt Monster Girls
Project Qt Battles

Project QT Details

Platforms available


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How to download

  1. Click "Play" to go on the download page for Project QT (Nutaku).
  2. Click "Play Now" there and create an account or log-in.
  3. Play in a browser or install the game on Android.
  4. Enjoy!


Project QT gallery

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Project QT comments

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