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How To Download Sex Games On The App Store (2023)

How to download sex games on the Android and iOS App Store? Short answer is you can't... BUT we will show you how to download and play hundreds of sex games on mobile for FREE and without credit card. It's easy, legal and fully secured. If you're lazy to read this article, you can simply go visit our list of Android sex games here or iOS sex games right here.

How to download sex games on the app store 2022

How to download sex games on the Android Play Store (Scroll further down for iOS!)

Google doesn't allow sex games on Play Store... but!

So why Google does not allow sex or porn apps and games on the App Store? Well, it's rather simple. Sexual content is obviously dedicated to an 18+ mature audience and the Play Store does not fit in these rules.

If big companies like Valve recently allowed the publication of adult games on its platform Steam, which looks like a middle finger to its politically correct competition that is more "family-friendly", Google has not yet complied to enter the very lucrative world of adult entertainment... What a shame!? They already had a lot of issues regarding borderline content on their video platform YouTube and they have been trying very hard to keep any type of adult content away from their App Store to protect the integrity of children.

Well, we can understand that. Who would like their children to play the new trendy game "Fistnite" or "Fuckcraft"...

You don't need the App Store to download sex games

This might come to a surprise to many people, but Google doesn't have the monopoly on what apps you can install on your phones. It's certainly safer to download your mainstream apps and games directly from the Play Store but it does not mean that every existing app or game MUST BE on the app store to be downloaded.

Also if you wondered, it's perfectly legal to download porn apps or sex games from another source. Every app and game you download are initially ".apk" files and you can find those on many different websites.

Find sex games and porn games here, on Steamy Gamer

Yes, you can find hundreds of sex games for Android right here, on Steamy Gamer. And because internet is a vast world and the adult gaming industry can be complicated to understand, we created a site where you can easily find any game available for any support.

There are many porn gaming studios, some are bigger than others, and we list as many games from all these dedicated and talented teams who have incredible sex games to propose! And we're talking real sex games, not just puzzle games or 2 minutes flash games. Actual video games with stories and solid gameplay.

A list of Android porn games apps you can play right now for free

To get you started on Android we have a small preview of all the sex games that you can play for FREE on Android! No credit card required, only direct download or registration. Also guaranteed 100% safe unlike most of the scams you can find online.

A great starting point for people new to porn game apps

Project QT is an arcade and RPG sex video game in which you'll fight against a space virus by recruiting a harem of schoolgirls fighting for you. You'll also face monster girls that can join your team and can be bent to your most pervy desires! It's currently the most played and popular porn game on Android so it's worth a try!

Play Project QT

A massive MMO sex game and strategy game

Survive as long as you can in King of Wasteland, an open world survival and strategy game! Basically some kind of Mad Max mixed with Starcraft and a bunch of really hot babes with guns that you'll get to fuck! The game is quite BDSM oriented but not "too" much. It's a great game if you're looking for the experience of a quality adult game online with high quality sex artwork and gameplay.

Play King Of Wasteland

A management / farming simulation with an array of sexy chicks at your disposal.

Booty Farm is a sexy farming simulation game for Android that combines elements of a management game and a dating sim. You are given the opportunity to oversee an old farm that you've inherited, earn significant profits and also engage with a versatile cast of horny and lonely farm girls! With captivating storylines and thrilling gameplay, Booty Farm offers a truly fappable adult gaming experience!

Play Booty Farm

How to download and play sex games on the iOS App Store

Well, you can't find porn games on the Apple App Store either... BUT!

Obviously and similar to Google, Apple does not allow the publication of sexual content on the iOS App Store, and they are even more cautious about this. But you can totally download and play sex games on your iPhone so scroll down a little more if you'd like to know how!

If the religious multi-billionaire brand likes to make money, they face the same issues as the Google Play Store - the iOS App Store is a family friendly platform. That's why they spend a lot of time trying to shut down sexual content that may have been approved by mistake rather than allowing any form of sexual content, at least they try to...

It's a well known fact that apps like Tinder or TikTok have been criticized for proposing a lot of sexual content displayed almost publicly. But accepting sex games willingly is completely out of question so you need to download them on other platforms (like Steamy Gamer).

Download and play sex games for iPhone right here on our website

If you're impatient already, just go check our selection of iOS sex games here! Or scroll down a bit to get a taste of the games that you can find of iOS.

We created Steamy Gamer for this exact purpose, propose a large selection of adult games on all platforms without having to struggle and search everywhere on the internet. We look for the best possible games from developers worldwide and bring you descriptions, screenshots, details and download links so that you don't have to do the research yourself!

Enjoy your time here and happy gaming!

Check these porn game apps for iPhone on iOS for FREE

You don't think we would simply tell you that there are no porn games on the Apple App Store and not give you any alternative do you? Don't worry we have you covered.

If you wanna get started right away look for a free sex app game below and start playing right away!

A hentai visual novel where cute girls put you into submission

In Detective Masochist you play as a detective working with a very cute and sexy assistant who turns out to be quite a masochist! Discover a story with multiple endings and the insatiable lewdness of three girls that all want to make you hard a dry!

Play Detective Masochist

A fun porn game with plenty of humor and hundreds of slutty girls

Hentai Heroes is probably one of the funniest and most enjoyable sex game out there, because a slice of humor never killed anyone (or did it?). Jump into a crazy adventure in the Haremverse where countless hot girls offer sex for free and can be obtained at any moment. What else do you need to give it a try?

Play Hentai Heroes

A very Japanese type turn-based fighting game with tons of horny female warriors

Are you more of a classic Final Fantasy fan? Looking for some real challenges and team fights, building your own team to the perfection to slaughter your enemies? Then Kamihime Project R is the game for you! Collect and unlock hundreds of different female warriors with specialties of their own (healer, fighter, mage and so on) and progress in a story full of surprises and challenging opponents!

Play Kamihime Project R

Beware of sex games scams for mobile!

Be careful! If you watch porn videos on internet you might have seen some beautiful 3D advertising for sex games. MOST OF THOSE ARE SCAMS! We have a great article explaining how these work and why you should not trust them.

If you wanna to play sex games without getting ripped off, make sure to check the game on internet before giving any credit card credentials. To be honest, if you have to give your credit card to a game without knowing what it looks like beforehand, then it's most certainly a scam.

Or you can simply look at the games on Steamy Gamer since we always make sure that they are from serious developers without shady third-party payments that will make you regret even wanting to play porn games.