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Ishuzoku Reviewers, an anime about prostitution

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Ishuzoku Reviewers (or interspecies reviewers) is an original and lewd anime where three companions and their friends enjoy themselves at reviewing as many brothels as they can. In a world where species are diverse and prostitution is the norm, some horny adventurers decide to follow a unique quest: fuck as many species as possible and give them a rating out of 10. From cat-girls to cow-girls, elves, fairies, demons, mushroom-girls and more, the fetishes and possibilities are numerous and our three friends are hungry for some fuck!

Let the inter-species brothel fuckfest begin!

A human, an elf and an angel walk into a bar...

Two friends, a human and an elve, can't help but to notice that their tastes in women in more different than they thought. If the first one is into cute elves, no matter how many centuries they have lived, the other will favor a human granny in her 70's who sounds and looks much younger to his tastes.

After asking around at the local bar, they quickly realize that everyone's opinion varies depending on which species they are and which species they fuck. It's enough to drive the two friends into the ultimate quest of fucking every single species they can come across and give them reviews. Their review will become respected and popular enough to earn them some money that they will re-invest into more brothel adventures.

They will eventually walk into a fallen angel in the forest and invite him on their trip, without knowing that their new friend is actually a hermaphrodite and possesses a vagina in addition to being well-hung.

Ishuzoku reviewers crim angel

But wait, it's not a hentai?

Surprisingly enough, no, it's not a hentai anime, just a very lewd one. There is a censored and an uncensored version however.

The censored version will basically censor every sexual related word, item, nipples and so on. While the uncensored version will allow everything but genitals and penises. So yes, I would definitely recommend the uncensored version.

Ishuzoku reviewers screenshot

A tribute to the imagination of perverts like you and me

Yes, it got me hard

Let's be honest, this isn't your typical anime. Sure it looks like it but it's the best version of what you'd expect from an anime with some type of sensual tension that doesn't limit itself to a pantsu-shot. It really only talks about fucking. And Amahara (the author) certainly has a lot of imagination about it. Futa, furry, dolls, even cyclops, even gender-swap!

And what's not so great about it?

Ishuzoku Reviewers is good but it's not perfect. If it doesn't lack humor and lewdness, it certainly lacks a bit of scenario. Most of the episodes consist in the review of two separate brothels and that's about it, but the season is not over yet so who knows. Also we certainly would love having a real hentai version of this, like fully uncensored. We understand and appreciate that they were able to release such a fuckfest on the mainstream market but it would certainly make a great hentai!

Ishuzoku Reviewers - Trailer