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Steamy Gamer 2.0 - Website Update

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Hundreds of hours later, here we are, with Steamy Gamer 2.0! It's been rough but we're very happy with the result, so if you'd like to know more, we'll tell you more about it in this article.

New look, improved UX and UI

For those of you who have visited us in the past, you might have noticed something obvious. The website looks... different!

Our first version of the website was far from being a terrible website and we spent a lot of time into it. If it felt like the best thing we could do at the time, we recently sat down and realized that a lot of things could be improved.

Our new logo

Believe it or not, our last logo was designed in about 1 minute and was never supposed to be the final version of our logo. After all, it looked like a console controller, while none of the game we propose can actually be played on console. We decided not to kill it completely but we gave a nice rework with a nasty look!

Logos steamy gamer

The General Webdesign and UI

We did give our homepage some upgrade at some point, but we were never really satisfied with it. Plus it was always too bright for us, pervert night creatures. We made it darker in general and changed the way we display games in the internal pages.

Before sg After sg

The Game Pages

We really wanted to do things as good as possible, and our game pages just became a noisy mess. We decided to make it MUCH easier to navigate, on both desktop and mobile. See for yourself!

Games before Games after

The new features of Steamy Gamer 2.0

Game Public Ratings

We are a small team working on Steamy Gamer, and the one thing that came back on the table every now and then was to propose public ratings. We use to give full reviews of the game ourselves and give it our own rating. But we all quickly agreed that our tastes in adult games may vary greatly depending on the individual so the grade of the game should be something determined by a larger audience. And there you have it! Public ratings for every game!

Simply click on the stars in the game page to give your own rating.

Comment Sections

The SECOND thing that came back every damn week on the table was to allow users to leave comments. We want your opinion and your experience about the games! Also who doesn't like a bunch of trolls and "first" in a comment section? It's the backbone of our digital world!

Events & Updates

We will now monitor events and updates for each game much closely, so we have added a dedicated tab on the game pages, simply labeled "news". If an event is ongoing in a game, you will easily notice thanks to a red icon that you really can't miss. We made it blink to make sure you really don't miss it.

Events are fun and they often make us come back to our favorite games when we finish them so we wanted to make sure you guys could notice them when they happen.

Game Quick Search

This one appeared a bit randomly, we were looking for a way for people to look for games quicker, and this is why we came up with.

You can find the quick search on the homepage or in the Quick Search menu on the top bar.

It's very easy to use and it's a great tool to look for your ideal game. Hope you will enjoy it!

CDN delivered assets

We are now using a pull CDN to deliver our assets. Which in short means that you should load pages faster! Optimization is tricky and we are regularly working on making our website faster and lighter. So bear with us a little and also don't get too upset if things might get slow at the beginning. We'll do our best in the first few weeks from the 2.0 launch to monitor the website's speed and improve it as much as possible.

What we have planned in the near future

Accounts for game developers

We want to provide as many game as possible and possibly be the greatest resource for adult games on the web. For a small team like us it's important to focus on what matters: having a great, functional, beautiful and fast website to deliver the content to our audience. What's harder for us is to monitor games for new updates, new releases, events and so on.

Our goal is to provide Steamy Gamer accounts to game developers so they can add, edit and update the games that they create on their own. This way the community benefits from fresh content straight from the developers and they also get to put the word out there for each stage of their game.

More articles in the blog

We'd love to provide more interesting articles about the adult gaming world and everything it has to offer, but again, it's a difficult task for a team of our current size. We would really like to have dedicated writers for our blog to provide regular, quality article for all of you perverts. At least we'll look into it!