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Steamy Gamer Development Update 1.2

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Update 1.2 - More speed improvements, new way to submit games and a space for games in development. Check our new update and what is to come in the future!

Yet another speed improvement

Main improvements

We're not gonna lie, we are what you can call a Google whore. Since the almighty american giant decides on who lives and who dies, we have had no other choice but to make the website faster than it already was. For those who care here are couple things we improved:

  • We moved from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2 which greatly improves the speed of requests sent from the server to the client aka faster download for images.
  • We improved and reduced the code to minimize events and database requests on each page (up to 3 times faster on some pages).
  • We improved our cache policy so your browser doesn't have to reload all the elements from a page when you come back on the website.

And other time consuming tweaks that no one really cares about. Anyway, it's faster now! Hope you can feel the difference. If not, then blame your connection!

Other changes

Here are some other little things that have been changed:

  • Small visual updates in different parts of the website
  • The homepage game section now filters what device your are currently on and displays games accordingly ("android porn games" if you are on an Android device for example)
  • We have removed discord links and will soon close the server (we have no time to take care of it so we'll stick to twitter and reddit for now)

New stuff for game developers!

A new page to submit games

Some of you may have already noticed, there is a new Submit Game item on the menu.

We use to have a single contact form for every type of inquiries including for developers who would like their game to appear on Steamy Gamer.

So we created a special form with all the information we need developers to provide us in order to have their game published on our platform the fastest way possible. This also includes an Update Game page for when the games are releasing new versions, meaning change logs will now appear at the bottom of the game page when requested.

We hope this will help developers to ease the process for submitting their game, which have proven to be quite time consuming in the past.

Games in development and download options

We have been focusing on completed games mostly since the website was released because posting new games and articles is a time consuming process for our small team (as well as improving the website and pushing updates like this one). However now that developers have a better way to submit their game we thought it was time to open our doors to games in-development which also need visibility and support from the community. To submit a game in development, same process as for the others, just fill the Submit Game form.

And for more visibility we will add a new section on the homepage for games in-development under the current "new games" section. We are also adding a "Games in development" page under the item "Games" in the menu. It is hidden for now but will appear as soon as we have a decent amount of games in development to show.

And because no one likes to bounce from a website to another to download a game, we have added a section for download links. So you can expect to see games with download links more often in the future. They will be easy to spot since the main "Play" button will read "Download" when the option is available.

What's coming in our next update

A rating system

I think we've mentioned it already, but we are working on a rating system in order to give the games the recognition they deserve instead of giving a single review based on our experience. It just makes more sense.

A comment sytem

This one also was mentioned in the past, but it feels quite lonely without comments and if possible we'd like to give some review option so your comments can have more impact. Your opinion matters!