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Steamy Interview: Two Gaming Dudes

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We are lucky to have our first ever interview with Chuck and Mike, known as Two Gaming Dudes — extremely funny, perverted comedians with offensive on-the-edge jokes, who stream playing lewd video games. Their YouTube channel has been unceremoniously banned on the platform, but they found their way to continue delivering pervertedness, and are not planning to stop anytime soon. Read our interview to find out more about their background, complications with YouTube, furry preferences and more!

Two Gaming Dudes: Double fun, double jokes and double dirty minds

Since when do you know each other and how did you meet?

Chuck:​ Oh man, since high school. I think I was a lot more reserved back then, but we were basically the same asshats. I remember we used to call up British Telecom and tell them “I have large genitals.” and they’d always give us such a great response.

Mike​: Yeah, I think it all started with prank calls, a radio show no one listened to, and a public access TV show no one watched. For some reason I thought he could hook me up with hot Asian girls, so I started tagging around with him. He couldn’t.

Chuck: ​No, I couldn’t.

When did you start streaming video games and why?

Chuck:​ My son Sabo, who you hear us refer to as our technical producer sometimes, he got hooked on Markiplier and Vanoss Gaming, and I would watch sometimes. Then he started watching Game Grumps, and I was cracking up. And I thought — well damn, that’s basically what me and Mike do. We could do shit like that! So I called him up, told him my plan to be YouTube rock stars, and we gave it a try.

Mike:​ It took Charles a few attempts to explain to me what he wanted to do. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would watch someone else play a game. But I was certainly up for mercilessly making fun of the world around me. And it was a great way to goof around and get high with my friends. A win-win.

Chuck:​ Man, those first few episodes where we were playing Love in a Dangerous Spacetime really sucked!

Mike: ​Yeah, that was garbage (hahaha). I thought, “This is going nowhere fast. No one’s gonna watch this shit.”

Chuck:​ (hahaha) Well, you weren’t wrong. No one watched our shit for a while!

Mike:​ And that recockulous game didn’t help matters.

How did you end up in the NSFW game industry?

Chuck:​ Our format started to get better with the Tombraider games, where we just let loose and started being really comically offensive. Then we played “Don’t Shit Your Pants” which ended up being one of our top videos of all time. Then... I don’t even remember what our first NSFW game was... I think it was Hentai Heroes. And I remember I had to edit the hell out of it. But then that episode soared! And when we went back and tried to do DOOM, we sucked again. And we were like, “Okay, so this is what they want.” Why fight it?

Mike:​ Charles was a lot more visionary with it than I was. When we got our first YouTube community strike I was ready to go back to regular shitty mainstream titles. Chuck is a lot more rebellious than I am and he really led the way in embracing the adult format. He opened my eyes to the fact that we don’t need YouTube. If we’re to be damned, let’s be damned for what we are.

What do you find hard with streaming NSFW games?

Chuck:​ Just finding a platform to showcase our stuff. Everyone knows YouTube. The others, not so much.

Mike:​ But all those mainstream places have to be kid-friendly now, and they can’t “offend” anyone, and we’re like, “Well, fuck it—we’re out.”

Chuck:​ We finally set up a PornHub channel, then we got lucky when we found Goohshi and LewdPixels. But really, a platform where you can stream and upload adult gaming content for the public? That’s not easy to find.

Mike: ​Agreed. It’s not easy having people ask where they can see your videos, and you refer them to Pornhub. They look at you funny.

Do you show boobs on stream?

Chuck:​ I’ll show boobs anywhere. I’ll show you my boobs right now.

Mike:​ Goddammit Charles, put those away.

Do you feel like being a NSFW streamer is more difficult than being mainstream?

Chuck:​ More difficult to create? No.

Mike: ​It’s more liberating.

Chuck:​ I mean, unless you’re trying to show it on YouTube or something, then you gotta edit the hell out of it, and they STILL might ban you and delete your channel forever. But I think they're easier to create because you don’t have to watch yourself. Swear, say whatever you want — it’s more natural, feels less scripted.

Mike:​ We don’t feel the pressure of the corporate censors. But it depends on the measure of success. We certainly had a much bigger audience on YouTube. But for us, the measure of success has always been how much fun we’re having. If that’s the yardstick, then the NSFW route is far superior.

What were the biggest challenges and surprises you faced as NSFW streamers so far?

Mike​: Myself, I am shocked at the number of dick pics we’re receiving. As flattering as it is, the sheer volume of phallus photographs is beyond belief. Some of them are simply appalling.

Chuck:​ (hahaha) Well, for me, I’ve been really surprised by how the adult gaming community really comes together and supports one another. Like, I had no idea there were so many of us! And that’s been really cool, and we’ve made a lot of friends who are developers, content creators, platform owners...

Mike:​ Yeah, that’s true. Like Bob C Games and Toffer Team...

Chuck:​ And Kinkoid and that guy from Faylinn's Quest, everyone at Goohshi and atLewdPixels... and they all want the same thing. More sex games, and a place where we can watch people play sex games. I’ve always been a big supporter of a sex-positive community, so I thought, “Cool, I can support this too!”

Mike:​ You’re fucking weird, man.

Chuck:​ (shrugs)

What is your favorite game as of now?

Chuck:​ I gotta go with Summertime Saga. Just hilarious, it’s a HUGE game, there’s so much to do and explore... I mean, we’re going on 10 episodes now? And we’ve only scratched the surface. I’m amazed by how much work went into this game. I’m also a fan of Hentai Clicker because it’s mindlessly addicting and I can play it on my phone. If I can figure out how to play it on my computer, maybe we’ll do an episode or two on it.

Mike: ​For pure erotic content, Hentai Heroes is the colossus. But I also really loved YAGS: Yearning, A Gay Story. It is more of a story game, but it draws you in with a sincere emotional connection to the characters. It’s very rare for a game to have that effect on me.

Do you think there is a future for the adult gaming industry?

Chuck:​ That’s like asking if porn is just a fad or is it here to stay. Come on. It’s porn. Of course, there’s a future. People are always going to be looking for new ways to jerk it, and the weird rise in people who are addicted to 2D cartoon porn means these game developers will have plenty of audience. PLENTY of audience. Yeah - keep making those games.

Mike:​ Naughty content has been around since cavemen drew doggy style cartoons on cave walls. It’s not going anywhere. And wherever technology leads, lewd content is among the first applications. Screwing for fun is a primal human characteristic. That is eternal.

Futa or furry?

Chuck:​ Uh, furry. Of course. In fact, I’m hoping we can... uh... “visit” a Furry Convention someday. Can you imagine us, dressed in “furry”, interacting with the furry community? Assuming we don’t get jumped by like 10 dudes in My Little Pony paper mache outfits, it should be hilarious.

Mike:​ I could go either way. Especially if the futa is really hot. Then again, I’ve always wanted to fuck a panda.