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The 5 Cum-Themed Slang Terms Every Cam Site User Needs to Know

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There was a time when adult cam sites consisted of nothing more than a chick stroking her clit on a live webcam feed. These days, however, a lot has changed, and things have gotten a lot stickier in more ways than one!

There’s now no shortage of horny cam couples performing live on adult cam platforms, not to mention cum fetishist women who love to indulge in some of the naughtiest jizz themed play imaginable with their fans.

But if you want to find them, you need to be aware of some of the most common (and fun) cum play slang that’s found across most leading free sex cams sites.

If you’re in dire need of some live cum play, then it’s your lucky day because I’m about to guide you through some of the most commonly found cum slang that you’ll encounter when playing with live cam models who love the hot kiss of warm, sticky cum!

Now, let’s begin!

CIM (Cum in Mouth)

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The first term I want to introduce you to is one commonly called CIM. This stands for cum in the mouth and is exactly what it sounds like! This is a cam site tag that you’ll often find being used by models who have quite an enthusiastic taste for guzzling down men’s cum!

You’ll often find this category tag being used by live cam couples who love to spray cum all over each other or webcam sluts who have their own personal harem of male fuck buddies whom she can call upon to feed her a regular dose of fresh jizz!

If you’re playing with a cam girl or couple who leave their live sex chat open for viewers to interact with them, you can even suggest that they keep the cum in mouth adventure going by suggesting a snowballing spectacle. Curious about what a snowball is? Allow me to explain!

Snowballing Cum

While there’s no shortage of live cam models who adore taking a load of jizz in their mouth, not all of them like to swallow it straight away. For those who don’t, snowballing is a great technique to ensure their precious load of freshly extracted cum lasts as long as possible!

In sexual slang, snowballing doesn’t have to take place in winter because it doesn’t involve snow at all! Instead, it involves a chick with a mouthful of cum sharing a deep French kiss with a female lover or a male if he’s brave enough!

It’s naughty, kinky, and taboo. Snowballing isn’t for everybody, but trying it out on a live cam site is a great way to test it out in a virtual environment and see if you like it before trying it out for real with your partner or fuck buddy.

Live Cam Creampies

Pd cams image 2

Next, we come to one of the most popular forms of cum play that exists on live cam sites: creampies! There are few things better than watching a bareback sex-loving couple pound each other for hours on end and then ask their fans to suggest how they should finish it.

This is where cam site fans like you come into the show. All it often takes is a few tokens, and the couple will give you the chance to drop a suggestion into the chat. If you want to see the chick get creampied by her male lover, all you need to do is ask, and they might just make it happen in real-time.

Knowing you’ve played a live-action role in making the resultant Creampie happen is one of the best sexual highlights that most people have ever experienced on live cam sites, and it continues to be one of the most popular and heavily searched-for cum slang terms around!

CEI (Cum Eating Instructions)

Next up is a form of cum slang for people who are especially kinky and love to follow the orders of some truly perverse and mischievous cam sluts. It’s the term CEI which stands for cum eating instructions.

This is a term used by cam models who love to lure submissive fans to their shows and bring them face-first into the live sex show taking place between their thighs. Then, they might just indulge in a virtual edging challenge with their fans and see how long they can last before they inevitably lose control and spray cum everywhere.

Then, it’s time to see how loyal you are to your favorite cam girl when they move onto the next stage of the edging challenge and demand that you eat your own cum. You don’t want to disappoint them now, right?

Cum-Soaked Facials

Pd cams image 5

And last but not least is one of the humble facial. This has been a mainstay of cum porn for decades and was made even better when the Japanese turned up the ante with the introduction of multiple facials at once, otherwise known as Bukkake!

These days, the cum facial has become a staple of most modern cam sites, and there’s a tonne of people who can’t get enough of watching free cam girls drop to their knees with beaming smiles and take ropes of hot cum across their faces.

But it’s not just mainstream porn where you can see Bukkake either because there’s now a growing number of live sex cam groups consisting of one woman and multiple guys who, at the request of cam site users like you, will happily carry out live Bukkake parties whenever you want!

Cam Sites Have Never Been Stickier!

Long gone are the days when cam sites revolved around solo women performing masturbation shows via live webcam feeds. These days, we’re lucky enough to be living in an era where cam sites are gone to a growing population of horny couples and women with a steady stream of male fuck buddies to bang in live sex sessions.

For those with a fetish for cum porn, cam sites provide an unmissable opportunity to indulge in live cum play with an enormous collection of men and women from around the world. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get stuck in!