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What we have planned for 2020

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Happy new year to all the beautiful perverted gamers out there! Time to burry the turkey and get back to work. We wish that 2020 will be a great year for the adult gaming industry and we hope to become an actor in that goal. So what have we learned from 2019 and do we plan for 2020?

Happy new year from the Steamy Gamer team!

2019 was a great year for Steamy Gamer. We launched back in February after six months of development and stepped into the great world of adult gaming. We've had ups and down, but we were most grateful for the great feedback we had from both visitors and developers. Adult games are a curious niche gathering hundreds of thousands of people around the world and are widely unknown by the general public. Our goal has always been to help this niche grow in order to assist content creators and developers to get the recognition they diserve.

It has been clear that the lack of information on internet, often due to the lack of investment, has been a great pain for the industry. That's why in 2020 we will keep doing our best to inform people and provide a great amount of amazing games while tackling other big websites that we believe should not be in the position they are currently occupying.

What's new on Steamy Gamer in 2020?


As much as it hurts to admit, we have been very inconsistent in 2019. Our primary jobs have often taken over the maintenance of Steamy Gamer but we have decided to revise our availability to allocate a proper schedule to the website which means more updates, more games, more articles and more adult-gaming related projects.

Put game developers in the center

Steamy Gamer started as a review blog but we quickly understood that it could become much more for the developers and the industry. We aim to provide more tools for developers such as managing their games on the website, providing more informations and updates than we ever could alone. As we progress, more functionalities will come to life and we hope to become a great platform for both players and developers to meet.

More user interactions

Our user interactions have always been very limited. To this day we don't have public ratings for games or comment sections. As explained previously, we would like to provide a platform for both users and game creators to come together, and for that reason we will also improve the usability for users. We really hope that you will enjoy the upcoming features and we count on your feedback to improve.

Unannounced projects

We have great projects coming up with the team and we are already closing partnerships in order to achieve them. We hope to announce and reveal soon what has been a truly exciting project for the last couple months! It will be really exciting for both game developers and gamers.

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