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by kyrieru

(3.1 for 10 votes)

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Eroico porn game review

Eroico is a retro-style pixel platformer with a sexy and juicy twist! It quickly ranked among our favorite adult games for one reason: it’s challenging and funny as fuck! If you are tired of visual novel games or clickers, Eroico might just give you the amount of action you were looking for.

A fantasy adult sidescroller with a horny lone prince

Eroico is the story of a lone prince fighting his way through a fantasy world to defeat the Demon Lord! Yes I know, nothing original so far. But wait until you discover the different stages; it is a real piece of art! Each stage is divided into 4 mini-stages separated by checkpoints, ending with a mini-boss. Get yourself a USB controller (or keyboard if you like challenges) and jump into the magic, lewd and dirty world of Eroico.

In Eroico, get killed or get fucked, pixel-style!

So I decided to start the game in “normal” mode, and as a decent gamer, I thought it would be more enjoyable with a bit of challenge. After thirty minutes of dying to horny catgirls and repeating constantly the first part of the first stage, I decided to take the difficulty down one level (sigh...). Despite the lack of tutorial, I was quickly at ease with the controls: attacking, dodging, blocking, jumping, dashing... You expect those in a mainstream game of course, but for a porn game it was quite impressive to see how complete the move set was.

Anyways, I finally get through the first checkpoint, trying carefully not to get killed or fucked. And when I mean fucked, I mean literally fucked. There is a reason why those cute monsters want to knock you out: to empty the hell out of your balls! As if they were horny teens craving for a pixel cock, as soon as you are knocked out (which can be done in a harmless way by pressing L1 on the controller), they will run towards you and start mounting your prince dick. If you wait long enough, they will make you cum; inside, outside, on their boobs or on the ass, each of the 15 different types of monsters has a different sex animation, going from oral sex to doggy style and so on.

Eroico Screenshots 7

Spot-on graphics and a great soundtrack for Eroico

I have mentioned it already, but the graphics of this game are truly spot on. In addition to the sex scenes, you will earn a sexy artwork scene of each monster you have defeated. And alongside the beautiful stages environments, the game is enhanced with a great soundtrack, mixing old-school combat sounds with modern and orchestral music in the background. The sex sounds are a bit creepy if you ask me but there is some effort in there too. Overall the art direction is a big thumbs up. Good work Kyrieru!

Eroico Screenshots 6 Eroico Screenshot 9

Should you play Eroico?

Yes, definitely. It feels nice to see that it is possible to play a classic game such as a platformer along with some fun lewd content. Of course Eroico is not your typical fap-friendly game, and it is not perfect: lack of tutorial, empty scenario, short game... But it’s a refreshing game and I really had fun playing it. It’s available on Steam and Nutaku.

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How to download

  1. Click PLAY to go to the Eroico game page (Nutaku);
  2. Once there hit DOWNLOAD NOW button;
  3. Log in or Sign up to purchase the game;
  4. Download and enjoy!


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