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ExtraLife porn game review

ExtraLife is an Isekai (reincarnation) adult Visual Novel that gives you a second chance at life! After years of trouble, poor health and problems, you are back into your teenager's body and you are decided to make all the right choices to get the life that you never had. For yourself, and for the people you care about.

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Your first steps in ExtraLife, a visual novel about second chances

You are alive and well, but also much younger!

The game starts with a black screen as you (the MC - main character) are in pain and apparently in a hospital, you wish for a second chance, to the point where you mention Lucifer to come to your help.

Seconds later, you wake up in your teenager's room and realizes that your dream came true, but not without a price. Your life as a teenager was far from easy.
A step-sister bullying you, and a step-mom covered with debts since your dad escaped after getting money from some loan sharks. However, as a grown-up with all your memories intact in the body of a young man, you are more motivated than ever to help her recover from this situation, and to help yourself in many other ways.

Yasuka step mother Extra Life

Your first steps and objectives in ExtraLife

Your first objective is to get a job at all costs. This leads you to the Dojo where you discover that one of your bullies already trains there, bad luck! You'll eventually meet Macumba, a muscular dude training every day at the park. After giving him a new mp3 player out of kindness since his is broken, he'll accept to help you gain some muscle to get a job a the restaurant.

Restaurant Extra Life sex game

In the meantime your relationship with your step-sister will get weird. This hating bitch certainly despises you, but she's also some kind of pervert with dominatrix tendencies. You discover that she's been watching some step-brother/step-sister porn videos to what she answered by blackmailing you into being her little pet dog (which is one of the two options you get, the other one standing your ground to her).

Noriko steps on your face Extra Life Noriko masturbating extra life

Getting a job and trying avoiding people's death

After couple days you'll eventually get the job at the restaurant, but you'll also decide to help the owner's daughter in secret to start her adult movie career. Since you know she will commit suicide because of her future agent, you'd rather take the job yourself and make sure she'll be fine in the future.

You'll also meet Asami, a cute short-haired tomboy girl hanging out at the park in the morning. If she doesn't notice you the first couple days, you'll end up knocking her book by mistake, which she'll ask you to pay back by helping her getting close to your best friend Minato that she seems fond of.

That's as far as we'll go about the story, and to be honest, that's also how far we could go since the free version of the game currently has very little content at this time, and the Patreon-exclusive version doesn't seem to have tons of content just yet either (note that we're writing this as of March 2022).

A promising porn game with splendid artworks

A modern visual novel with a great UI

Visual novels come into every possible shape, quality and playtime. What we can say about ExtraLife so far, is that it's certainly quite short, but very promising on many aspects.

From what we have seen ourselves, a very good user-interface, easy to navigate and very helpful to progress in the story, interactive backgrounds which is kind of a mini-game itself, interesting characters, an interesting take on a some serious subjects (bullying, death, debts...) and decisions that seem to change the course of your story pretty early in the game.

A very enjoyable environment and great sex scenes (so far)

The environments in ExtraLife are stunning. They really put the extra effort to provide unique and magnificent backgrounds and it's probably one of the things that strikes you first. Character design is also quite good, with a bonus on the sex scenes that have this extra detailing bringing them to life in a more convincing way than the sprites of the characters during dialogues.

We have seen few animated scenes and from what the developers are planning, there should be much more to come. Always great to know that the quality of the artworks will be further developed to provide some animated action.

What the developers are planning in the future

The developers are quite active on their Patreon and they already announced what they envision for the game, including:

  • Mini-games
  • 70+ locations to visit
  • 70 + characters
  • Multiple paths for the main quest
  • Animated NSFW scenes
  • Extensions in the same universe
  • More...

They didn't provide a precise timeline for these changes, but if you have experience with indie adult games, then you know that we don't know if the game will still exist before it's actually finished. However we really hope they will go through the end because they are providing some really enjoyable content so far.

Should you play ExtraLife?

There's no doubt that you should play at least the free version of ExtraLife. Even if it might not last you for days, at least you'll get a glimpse of what the game is, and you might opt to get more of it through the Patreon version, if you're willing to support them of course.

In any case, ExtraLife is definitely on our watch list and we wish we could come across such quality in every new visual novel these days. But it's also what makes them different and probably why they seem to be so successful on Patreon.

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  3. Download the game
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