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Four Elements Trainer

by MITY - Patreon

(3.8 for 68 votes)

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Four Elements Trainer porn game review

A hentai game version of Avatar the Last Airbender! What else could we ask for? Four Elements Trainer is a free adult visual novel mixing arcade, management and dating-sim elements, offering multiple endings. The game is still in development however it looks quite promising and already have a few hours of gameplay along with stunning R34 visuals.

Four Elements Trainer Poster

A well-documented Avatar sex adventure

Four Elements Trainer is strongly based on the Last Airbender’s story. You have been chosen by a spirit to become the new Avatar as the previous one just died. Your mission: master the four elements in order to restore balance to the world. You will be driven into a well-written (and funny) story, featuring some of the most iconic female characters from the license: Katara, Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, Toph and many others.

And if you wondered, yes, you will bang, fuck, mouth-fuck and sexually abuse all of them in the process. As of now, only the two first books have been fully released (water and fire). The third one is in development but you can play most of it in the latest release.

Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 6 Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 5

A amazing visual novel, spoiled by uninteresting mini-games

Your first destination is the North Pole, where Katara will train you as you help the village and complete side-quests in order to progress in the main storyline. Luckily for you, the village is empty of men because of war and you are the only stud wandering around (in addition to being the fucking avatar, which helps with ladies). As you progress with your water-bending, your narcissistic nature will help you enslave sexually most of the village and bang almost all the girls if not provide them with your almighty semen, great isn’t it? A regular visual novel with juicy lesbian, oral and sex scenes so far.

Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 1 Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 2

Well, it is great until you have to kill the same damn moose a thousand times, with an awful combat system and a single opponent. And through the game, the feeling remains: grinding experience to progress in the main story is a hard-clicking journey that might turn you off very quickly, but since each new iteration made the game more complete and polished, each subsequent chapter is better written and developed than the previous one.

Fortunately, Four Elements Trainer's main story is well written and the character artworks are spot-on. After enjoying your time enslaving Katara and the whole village, you will head for the second chapter as your spirit ends up in the Fire Nation, in Zuko’s body himself. Your confusion and amnesia will require your beloved sister Azula to teach you how to fire-bend, as your relationship turns quickly into an incestuous and sadistic sex story. If you enjoyed dominating Katara, get ready to get dominated. But then again, if the second chapter is clearly more developed and complex than the first one, it sadly contains some useless management elements and atrocious mini-games with pretty much nothing at stake.

Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 3 Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 4

These guys know how to make boner-worthy artworks

Let’s step into something that the MITY studio really nailed: artworks. The characters in Four Elements Trainer are well drawn and the scenes are definitely worth watching. This is probably the only reason you’ll keep playing the game, because the art direction is going the right way: a diverse library with voyeurism, lesbian sex, pissing and a lot more, bringing satisfaction to any of your fantasies. But they will need to improve drastically on the landscapes and craft more locations to make the game feel really enjoyable. The third chapter already looks promising and we hope they will update the first chapters accordingly.

Regarding music, it is not terrible but feels quite un-coordinated with the spirit of the game, they probably don’t have a dedicated composer for the game but well, it can’t be perfect anyway!

Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 8 Four Elements Trainer Screenshot 7

Should you play Four Elements Trainer?

So... Are you looking for some good Avatar R34 content or are you looking for a good game? If it is nudity and quality artworks you want, then go ahead, it’s free anyway! Chances are that since this review was made, the game already improved and the third chapter might even be released. But for now if you are looking for a fun game to play and you don’t have any knowledge about the original Avatar Series, you might not fully enjoy it.

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