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Gay Harem

by Kinkoid

(3.5 for 31 votes)

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Gay Harem porn game review

If you are up to fuck a harem of guys in a fun browser game, then you might want to know more about Gay Harem! Made by Kinkoid studio, this free hentai browser game can serve you with a lot of horny guys and porn scenes to look after your boner during lonely nights. Gay Harem is a combination of management RPG porn game with quests in the form of a visual novel. You will create your own harem and collect as many guys as you can!

Gay Harem Poster

The fantastic harem of guys

The intriguing journey begins in a high school, with the main character peeking into one of the classrooms and masturbating to an unexpected threesome! While he's shamelessly pleasuring himself outside the class, a half-naked guy suddenly appears, teasing with his asshole into following him. After a while of running after the guy's naked but, he ends up in a room full of horny dicks ready to satisfy every hole of his. Without acknowledging it, entering this room was his first step into the world of Haremverse...

Gay Harem Screenshot 9

You quickly realize that you got into a fantasy world of liberated sex that can be shared with any man at any moment. But because sex life is so free in this world, the mean dudes started treating guys with no respect, taking their partners for no more than sex objects and using them to only satisfy their selfish pleasures. The remaining guys chose you as their almighty saviour to build the greatest harem and fight against the evil!

Gay Harem Screenshot 10

A fun and addictive R34 gay sex adventure

The major part of the game is the visual novel storyline. It takes you on a sexual adventure in the Haremverse, where you will give a good fuck to hot men you'll meet there and encourage them to join your harem. The story is full of uncensored sex scenes with probably everything sassy you could wish for, has a fun storyline with a good old anime humour. You progress in the story (especially during lewd scenes) by using a certain amount of energy points, these lads suck it like crazy, but it’s worth it!

Gay Harem Screenshot 12 Gay Harem Screenshot 3

Aside from the main storyline, you can take part in the "sex battle arena" and fight against other players using experienced horny dudes of your harem. To win in those is quite easy and victories get you various rewards as well as increasing your guys' stats. The higher the level of a guy from your harem the more productive he will be and the more cash he will bring. You can use it to buy them gifts to raise their affection level, allowing you to access new lewd pictures with each of them.

Gay Harem Screenshot 14 Gay Harem Screenshot 15

The game also proposes a bunch of "missions" (basically quests with timers) that will get you free rewards such as XP and rare items upon completing. They really just ensure that you come back in the game regularly to pick up your shit, but it's better than nothing.

Gay Harem Screenshot 13

Some really cock-worthy illustrations

Must admit the sex scenes are very hot! At first, I didn’t expect much from the art-style of it, but then I realized that even if it doesn’t feature very detailed artworks, the variety of the content is enough to keep your thoughts and meat busy. It’s not just about the threesomes, the anal sex or the numerous facials, but also about an array of kinks and fantasies that you might get into if it's not the case already!

Gay Harem Screenshot 8

Should you play Gay Harem?

I’m not fond of browser games, but I'm very into good lewd content! I would recommend this game, and mostly because of two reasons — fun storyline and entertaining gameplay. I also liked that in Gay Harem you can access a good amount of lewd gay content from the very beginning, simply by progressing through the main story.

As most of the free-to-play online adult games, you will be prompted to throw some cash to progress faster, but you can honestly play Gay Harem without spending a coin. It's an enjoyable adventure in which you won't really ever feel bored.

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How to download

  1. Click PLAY to go to the Gay Harem game page;
  2. Once there, hit "Play Now";
  3. Enjoy the game for free!


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