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I Walk Among Zombies

by Seacoxx

(3.0 for 12 votes)

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I Walk Among Zombies porn game review

To awake one day in a world full of zombies is not something you would expect. This happened to Yuusuke, but it turns out that zombies don't really attack him. This huge advantage helps Yuusuke survive and even get sexual control over a woman in exchange for her safety.

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Hentai, corruption & zombies

Hentai visual story set in a zombie apocalypse

I Walk Among Zombies is a hentai visual novel with a linear progression set in a zombie survival environment. This is not your average fap game. It's a novel in the first place, with a dark and well-developed story spiced with high-quality hentai art. If you also have a kink for corruption, non-consensual sexual, blackmail and gore then you landed on the right game.

Innocent girls & blackmailing for safety

The story follows the life of Yuusuke, a complete social weirdo who doesn't like other people at all and spends his work hours aloof. One day, a company he worked for went bankrupt which became the last reason for Yuusike to fully shut-in in his apartment and binge play video games.

On one of the rare days he left his place, a strange woman attacked and bit his arm. After reaching back home he came down with a fever for several days... On a day he woke up feeling recovered, he discovered that the world has completely changed and was now filled with zombies with only a few human survivors in hiding. He also discovered that he is the only one zombies don't attack. Now begins his journey where he uses this advantage to survive and get sexual control over a woman in exchange for her safety.

Beautiful hentai without censorship

I Walk Among Zombies features very beautiful and detailed hentai artworks without mosaics or other censorship. The girl characters are very timid and sexy with big boobs and tight pussies. You'll get to discover plenty of sex scenes featuring fetishes like domination, blackmailing and creampie.

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