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Jessika's Curse

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Jessika's Curse porn game review

Control sexy allies in this lewd RPG experience where you visit various locations and battle your way through filthy monsters while discovering treasures, traps and dangers!

Jessikas curse poster

Lewd game with challenging gameplay

The world of Jessika's Curse is filled with filthy monsters and creatures. It's also ruled by Dark Deities that makes filled with lewd madness...

Jessika's Curse is a roguelike/RPG game with challenging turn-based combat mechanics that require good strategical thinking and equipping two sexy allies for the battle. You play as a bimbo knight Jessica and her ally Mouse to fight filthy monsters on their way to discoveries and quests. The attacks in the game don't deal damage to the health but instead affect their lust level. Which, when it gets too high, the girls begin to be very naughty!

Beautiful and lustful art

Jessika's Curse has an amazing hand-painted art style and beautiful animated lewd scenes featuring lustful girl on girl scenarios, masturbation and hard fuck with the monsters and orcs.

Jessika's Curse Details

Platforms available


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How to download

  1. Click PLAY to go to Jessika's Curse game page (;
  2. Once there you can play directly in your browser; or scroll down to download version for Windows;
  3. To download Jessika's Curses for Windows, scroll to the Download Now button;
  4. Enjoy!


Jessika's Curse gallery

Jessikas curse map Jessikas curse battle Jessikas curse boss Jessikas curse jessika masturbates on a mushroom Jessikas curse girl stats Jessikas curse lust break Jessikas curse adventurers guild Jessikas curse girl is licking pussy

Jessika's Curse comments

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