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Knightly Passions

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Knightly Passions porn game review

A beautiful Visual Novel and an RPG sex game set in a magical medieval world, with quests, mini-games, a non-linear story and beautiful animated sex scenes!

Knightly Passions — Visual Novel set in a medieval magical world

Beautiful game in development with lots of content

Knightly Passions is an adult visual novel game in the active development stage, but you already have enough content to enjoy it for a couple of hours. The game has a non-linear story progression, where you make choices that affect how things will unveil in the future. There are plenty of stories to uncover and quests to complete, spicing up your adventure with hot sexual encounters.

Diverse gameplay with a non-linear story

Disappearance of your sister and new encounters

The story takes place in a medieval fantasy world. You take on the role of a Hunter, a young man earning a meal and a roof by hunting down wild animals for meat.

The story begins with you, together with your sister, sitting in an ambush hoping to catch another prey. Your sister gets bored soon. She decides to leave you to find a nearby village and have a rest in a tavern. After waiting for hours, finally, towards the dusk, you've got some luck getting a bore in your trap. You head to town to sell it to a merchant and look for your sister. As you are looking for her, you quickly find out that something odd happened and she is nowhere to be found...

Here, in an unknown village, your adventure begins. As you look for your sister, you will meet the villagers, get to know their troubles and decide to give a hand in exchange for valuable information. Rely on your charisma, combat skills and instincts, to get what you want.

Knightly passions three nuns

Interaction with other characters and quests

So, Knightly Passions is a perfect hybrid of visual novel and RPG elements with spicy content. In addition to the interactive narrative, the game features mini-games, puzzles, quests, card battles, world exploration, and animated sex scenes.

There is a map with multiple locations where you meet different characters and discover their troubles. For example, you'll get to meet three hot church nuns, who are much more sinful than it may seem at the beginning. They are looking for a runaway priest, who you later discover at the witch hut living his dirtiest dreams. Or a witch, who unexpectedly strips you off semen for her mighty potions.

Each time, you interact with a character, you get to discover their story and get on a quest. As you complete a quest you'll get rewarded with coins, skills and personality traits points as well as get closer to finding your sister.

Knightly passions fight Knightly passions arm wrestling

Additional game features and mini-games

In addition to the adventure, there are several mini-games along the way which let you have fun, earn money or catch prey for a quest.

For example, there are fun and easy-to-master card battles. When you are about to fight an animal or another character, you'll be playing a turn-based fight where a selection of cards helps you pick your next move. You have a total of 3 moves per round, you can choose to deal damage, use defence or a healing card. When you win the battle, you get various objects. Depending on who you fight, you will get some meat, skin, fang or a quest-related item.

Another example of a mini-game is an arm-wrestling match with a visitor of the tavern. You can play this game once per night and get some coins if you win. The game uses a simple mechanic, there is a bar with an anchor point that you need to move towards the green area. To do so, you need to spam press the arrow keys that change the direction from time to time. Once the anchor hits the end of the green area of the bar — you win.

Knightly passions blowjob

Knightly Passions seductive content

Beautiful art and animated sex scenes

Finally, to the barebone feature of all sex video games — the lewd content! The artworks in Knightly Passions are skilled and beautiful. There are dozens of hot female characters to encounter. And the sex scenes are seductive, high quality and animated.

What is cool about this game is that it doesn't shower you with sex content from every corner, but it is rather a logical addition to the entire story. There is a wide variety of fetishes to enjoy, ranging from anal and ahegao to the tentacle and lesbian group sex.

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    3. You can opt to download the game for free, or choose to pay a couple of bucks to get the latest available version;
    4. Proceed with payout;
    5. Extract the file and play!


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