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by Oko

(3.1 for 12 votes)

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Lateshifter porn game review

Lateshifter is a cool cyberpunk pixel game with elements of a visual novel and puzzle-games wrapped in a moody and nostalgic feeling. It offers great animated sex scenes in a unique art style and the story will keep you busy all along.

A gloomy metropolis with sexy androids

The story beings in a synth-driven cyberpunk environment. The metropolis is drowning in a gloomy smog, reflecting the dark destiny of the city. You begin a night-shift job in a data-processing company where you work just enough not to be fired. Interact with (romance and fuck) your sexy co-worker girls (real or androids) and discover where each of the paths will lead you.

Lateshifter Screenshot 1 Lateshifter Screenshot 3

A chill cyberpunk gameplay with a rich environment

Lateshifter is very chill cyberpunk pixel color-palette, with a simplistic yet beautiful design. Every element seems to be in place and you can interact almost with everything in one way or another.

Lateshifter Screenshot 2

The game controls are simple and intuitive, you play with the keyboard — arrows for moving plus a couple more keys to interact with objects and characters. The storyline has a smooth flow and almost every dialogue provides you with decision making and a series of actions to perform, turning the gameplay into a quest-like situation.

Lateshifter Screenshot 4

As you begin your in-game job where you will solve data-processing issues by playing an addictive puzzle game, you will meet a couple of sexy co-workers. One of them is a human-looking android-girl, who wants to quit her job to become free like a human. Soon after you meet, you'll have an amazing animated anal sex scene on a rooftop with a view on the city. Quite a hot scene!

Lateshifter Screenshot 5 Lateshifter Screenshot 6

Amazing pixel porn aesthetics

During my first game session, I reached the end of the story in around an hour while my in-game work shift wasn’t even finished, but I was quite satisfied not only with the game experience but also with the lewd scenes I managed to get from it.

Lateshifter Screenshot 7 Lateshifter Screenshot 8

While the general art-style is made in a simple pixel approach, the lewd artworks are actually very juicy! The animated sex scenes have great pixel details and very saliva-dripping animations.

Should you play Lateshifter?

Lateshifter was a good discovery. I really liked the versatility of the gameplay and the different choices the game provides. It adds to the melancholy and gloomy mood emerging from the cyberpunk environment. Together with the really hot sex content, you get an overall amazing experience. 100% would play again.

Lateshifter anal

Regarding the soundtrack, it was created by the author himself and is really enjoyable, good work on that! It also features girl moanings and sloppy sounds during lewd scenes!

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