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by Gats

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Monolighter porn game review

When I discovered this game somewhere in the open seas of the internet, my first thought was “holy shit, I need to play this!”. And I wasn’t disappointed. Monolighter is an adult cyberpunk sidescroller game with chill gameplay, great visual ascetics and really lush uncensored artworks. The game was created by Gobbosoft and the final update (v0.2) was just recently released. So, let's get into the details, shall we?

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The best of two worlds: Monolighter's cyberpunk chill and sex

In the city where sapient androids live among humans, the majority begin to fear that the manlike robots crossed the line by enjoying freedom like ordinary humans do. The reality is that for most of them, freedom has become a synonym of rusting in the streets…

You play as a male android, a journalist specialized in investigations, making a living by taking pictures of girls from the streets for his erotic e-magazine but also by taking photos of the illegal activities storming the neighbourhood.

Monolighter 1

Submerge into the city of neon lights and sexy androids

From the begining you are immersed in a cyberpunk mood as you discover the main story and go through the short tutorial. The game is a typical sidescroller, but the visuals and stages are stunning. No inconsistencies, every screen is pretty much a work of art. It got me almost confused at first, to be honest, I couldn't find items or clues in the screen since they were so well integrated to the scene, but you get used to it, and eventually let the game guide you through a genuine experience.

Monolighter 3

Once you progress in the main district, you wander around and explore the area. You can talk to neighbours and ask curvy android girls from the streets to pose for the erotic pictures that you can sell at any point to get some cash. Meanwhile, the game provides you with the main storyline and some side quests, which may reveal the main question of the story — who killed the CEO of the GOLD Hotel.

Monolighter 4

Monolighter: an awesome sidescroller for sexy android lovers

Ouch! The artworks are hot! If you know who Gats is, then you know this illustrator has some real skill to draw curvy android bodies and really phat asses! Not many fetishes out there, only pure visual aesthetics. The art style of the entire game is awesome, with interesting points of view and liveliness of the characters. My only regret is the absence of animated sex scenes.

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Regarding the music, it’s really top-notch! Every location has a different soundtrack, with a nice and cosy cyberpunk feeling to it. It fits well with the moody neon environment. Check the tracks below and judge for yourself.

Should you play Monolighter?

Definitely yes! I enjoyed Monolighter for real. I surprised myself coming back to it several times, just to enjoy the unique cyberpunk mood a bit longer. Music, gameplay, lewd content, art style — everything is balanced in a tasteful way. I'm really looking forward to the next Goobbosoft's game Pizza Thot!

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