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The Magus Lab

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The Magus Lab porn game review

The Magus Lab is a free management adult game built around a slave genre, featuring a variety of fetishes such as monster girl sexual training, fetishes, hardcore anal and even pregnancy! The game was created in 2016, even though it still goes through development, you can definitely check the Magus Lab public version.

The Magus Lab Poster

A hardcore slavery management game

You play as an old perverted Mage who runs his bar with booze & potions by day and dirty business of exploiting sexy slaves by night. As you progress in the game you will improve your house by building additional spaces to fill different purposes, like a love room, a laboratory, a fuck training room, a cage, and eventually turn your place into a slave house where you will exploit your bitches to please the drunk orcs.

Magus Lab Screenshot 1 Magus Lab Screenshot 14

Enslave girls to satisfy your late-night customers

At the beginning of the game you start with a small bar, some sexy beast girls and random sluts ask you for some booze, water and different potions that you will produce by gathering/collecting different resources.

You also have a number of tasks to help you progress in the game environment and progress further in the development of the story. These tasks cover most of the game, however, it still lacks clarity and the explanation of some basics concepts. An extra small tutorial would definitely improve the gaming experience.

Magus Lab Screenshot 2 Magus Lab Screenshot 5 Magus Lab Screenshot 7

By completing all the tasks and reaching level 5, the game opens a door to the whole new night-time fun. At this point you can buy hoes to complete your harem or enslave the girls that visit your bar. While serving the sluts with booze during the daytime, you will provide enslaved girls to filthy orcs for some dirty fuck during the night. Apart from just keeping your girls in a cage, you can keep them busy with other things around the house. Don't forget to keep track of their stats, to feed them from time to time and make sure they are drunk enough to fuck and healthy enough to live.

Magus Lab Screenshot 10 Magus Lab Screenshot 13 Magus Lab Screenshot 15

Hardcore sex with dirty orcs

Lewd content in The Magus Lab is rather hard and dirty. Huge monster dicks in small mouths and tight pussies. In general, the artworks and animations are done in a western style with interesting details on the character and environments.

Magus Lab Screenshot 12

Should you play The Magus Lab?

I heard some rumours, that the creators tend to abandon the development of their games completely, so I really suggest you think twice before donating anything on their Patreon page. Nevertheless, enjoying their public version will do no harm ;) The game can be played on Mac and PC platforms without any problem, make sure you download the right version.

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