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VR Kanojo

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VR Kanojo porn game review

The best VR dating simulator VR Kanojo grants you the ultimate talk & sex experience with a cute Japanese schoolgirl Sakura!

Sexiest VR experience with a cute teen

VR porn game to simulate sexy time with your girlfriend

VR Kanojo is a unique and probably one of the best VR porn game experiences nowadays. It's a 3D dating simulator where you hang out with your virtual girlfriend Sakura Yuuhi in real-time. Sakura Yuuhi is a cute virtual girl next door in a school uniform with whom you will spend most of the time in her apartment, chat and explore different sex possibilities.

There is no particular story or plot as in regular porn games, instead, you interact and talk with the girl on the go, watch her study, bathe, work out and, well... enjoy having sex with her!

Plenty of sex in real-time

As you charm Sakura with some right talking, you'll be able to go ahead and touch her teen body. Thanks to VR controllers that simulate your in-game hands you can play with her boobs, slide under a skirt, wash, stroke and have other body interactions.

With the uncensored patch that unlocks all the 18+ content, you get to enjoy high-quality VR sex scenes. From fucking Sakura in different positions, playing with sex toys and foot play, facials, and anal.

VR Kanojo lets you customize outfits for your virtual girl, including fancy dresses, maid wear or underwear and stockings.

Vr kanojo sakura dialogue

How can I play VR Kanojo uncensored?

VR Kanojo can be played with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Steam offers a safe for work version, but luckily there is a free uncensored patch available from the official game developer website, that unlocks all the lewd possibilities of the game.

There is also an unofficial but very popular patch from Hongfire, that in addition to lewd content offers fan translations, most commonly used plugins and mods, and all the recent free updates.

Where to find more great VR games?

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VR Kanojo Details

Platforms available


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How to download

  1. Click PLAY to go to VR Kanojo game page (Steam);
  2. Add the game to the cart;
  3. Log in or create an account for free;
  4. Download VR Kanojo;
  5. Enjoy!


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VR Kanojo comments

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