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Best Sex Simulators by Popularity (#1 is Online)

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Sex Simulators are on the rise, but which emulators are the most realistic and which ones are free or worth paying for? We made a list of the top Sex Simulators by popularity and why you should absolutely play these games and which games you should avoid at any cost!

Our TOP 5 Best Porn Simulators

With our experience in the adult gaming industry, we have seen countless games and these ones are by far the ones people were most happy with, counting from thousands to millions of players worldwide (yes for real). We hope you'll find what you're looking for!

$9.99 - PC (online)

And the first position goes to 3DXChat with its unique open world online sex simulation game! By far the best sex simulator available on the market, you create your character and enter a the world of 3DXchat where all the other characters are online players. Fuck hot girls, participate in orgies, attend player-made parties and more! You can even use connected sex toys to have the ultimate experience! A great game at a very reasonable price.

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$9.99 - PC (VR & Desktop)

Slaves of Rome is both a PC and a VR game (you DON'T necessarily need a VR headset to play the game), in which you play sex slave merchant in the ancient Rome. Your objective is to make profit by buying, training slaves (both men and women), and selling them at a better price once they are obedient and well behaved! A beautiful looking game with awesome graphics and sex scenes. Naturally, it's a game that shines even brighter while played with a VR headset.

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$9.99 - PC (VR)

It's hard to bring you the best Sex Simulators without mentioning the fully VR sex game Captain Hardcore! Virtual Reality is definitely the best tool available to get a full sex experience that gets close to reality. The game takes place in a huge spaceship in space and lets you enjoy the company of multiple girls craving sex. You can fuck them with toys and control them any way you want thanks to the VR controllers!

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$39.99 - PC

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 is a hentai Sex Simulator in which you own a huge and luxurious bar, named the Empire Club. What we love is the freedom that you get in the game, you can fuck all the maids, customize them, decorate the bar and the rooms the way you want to, and the game regularly proposes new DLCs (additional content) introducing new maids and outfits for them!

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$9.99 — PC (VR)

Pretty straightforward simulator — enjoy the deepest blowjobs performed by the sexiest hentai babes!

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Other porn games with sex simulation

Play on mobile for free games and portable experience

If high quality porn games and 3D graphics are mostly reserved to PC users, there is still a big market in sex games for Android and iOS phones.

Fighting sex games and dating simulators games are buzzing in the mobile gaming industry and offer a real alternative for people who don't own a PC or a VR headset.

Mobile porn games can be just as good and different from most computer games and you get the fun of playing them wherever you want which makes things more convenient for... you know.

Check our database for hundreds of sex games!

If you're looking for any type of sex games or wanna to make sure you're not gonna get scammed on the way, simply check our database of free porn games to get reviews and screenshot of hundreds of sex games with prices and download links!

Why porn simulators are so popular?

Popularity means money, but not always quality

Sex porn simulators are looked up on Google more than 1 million times every month.

This large demand has created a new business for many adult gaming studios and scammers alike, which makes the job harder for players to pick the right Sex Simulator. In some cases, you might find a very enjoyable game with plenty of content, customization and great sex scenes, but in others, you might just get scammed for hundreds of dollars and say goodbye forever to the world of porn games.

How to differentiate the best sex simulators from the worst

The main answer is research.

It might sound simple, but a lot of players get scammed by sex simulators because they clicked an ad on an porn website and went through without looking up the game on the internet or looking for actual gameplay footage.

Most of the fake sex sim games will use 3D scenes featuring notorious video game characters and an almost photo-realistic quality (big red flag!). And if you go look for any type of gameplay on internet, you quickly fall short of any actual video featuring someone playing the game or any proof that what you're looking for matches the in-game graphics or gameplay.

The most popular porn simulators are hard to find, but why?

It's all about money!

Bad sex simulators have one thing in common: they put all of their budget into advertising and none into the actual games. They are basically porn scams that bring a lot of money to the advertisers and the developers. We've seen many review sites advertising such games and pretending they are the "best games with amazing graphics" when really those games are the worse quality possible and will charge you up to 130$ every month for a bunch of crap games.

Whereas the best sex simulators are actually trying to make a living developing their games and selling them at a decent price, which means that advertisers make less money trying to sell them, and results in less visibility for those games.