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Steamy Gamer Development Update 1.1

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Update 1.1 - Speed improvements, image optimization, new server and more. We are making your experience faster and better on Steamy Gamer!

A major speed optimization for a better user-experience

We have announced multiple things in the works in a recent article, well it's time for our first important update of this year, and if it's not quite obvious in the front-end, it's because it's mostly a back-end update.

It includes three major changes:

  • We moved our server from Europe to the US since most our audience is there, which will provide speed improvements for everyone. We also upgraded the server itself to perform better and to be ready for future changes.
  • We made a major optimization on all our images, media assets and code. Pages are now 80% lighter which will improve navigation speed a lot, especially for mobile users, as well as saving a lot of data bandwidth.
  • We updated our blog plage, it's now easier to navigate on both mobile and computer and offers a short introduction for each one of them.

It's a good start and we still have a long way to go to make our website fast for everyone. If US is our major audience, we get visits from more than a hundred countries every month. In the future we will work torwards CDN solutions in order to improve the experience world-wide.

What's coming up next

Our next big update should be directed torwards user and/or developers. We will provide more user-interaction with the website such as comments, rating and custom pages for developers.

Thanks for your support so far and see you soon for a new update!