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The 10 Best Nutaku Games To Play Now

Nutaku is the market leader when it comes to adult sex video games, but which games are really worth playing and offer the best porn content? We've reviewed plenty and selected the 10 best and most addictive sex games!

Nutaku top 10 best free games

Are Nutaku games really that good?

The number 1 adult games publisher knows how to make amazing games

On top of being the number one sex video game publisher, Nutaku is really good at making games. Their experience in the mobile and video game industry now allows them to promote their own titles, and to assist video game studios in order to help them make great games.

Nutaku games are mostly free to play!

It's true, most of Nutaku titles are free, because they know that most players today are not willing to pay for porn. And they're right! If you think about it, most people don't trust porn games because of scams, and porn has never been so free and accessible thanks to tube sites. They know one or two things about this since Nutaku is part of a much larger company group called MindGeek, that owns all the biggest tube sites such as Redtube, Youporn, Pornhub, Brazzers and so on... And it's a good thing, because they're serious about what they do and provide to their customers.

Mobile games are Nutaku's most played games

It's not a surprise if Nutaku mainly focuses on mobile games, and mainly on Android. In the last couple years, mobile usage for internet navigation, porn and games has been rising significantly. Mobile phones are reliable, powerful and they fit in your pocket.

Mobile gaming and particularly free-to-play games have shown to be very successful and Nutaku has a lot of resources allowing them to not only be picky about their games, but also to develop great games with amazing lewd artworks and a playability that compares to a lot of great mainstream games.

Our top 10 list of Nutaku porn games

Let's dive into what you came looking for, the best Nutaku games! Note that most of those games are available on Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) but also Android, which is the main platform they develop for.

FREE - Browser & Android

A fantasy RPG setting you up on a mission to claim the Kingdom of Clouds while fighting and recruiting hot female warriors. Build your own harem of kinky and horny beauties all ready to get you rock hard for a ride. A quick-paced combat and strategy game with great artworks and animated lewd scenes!

Play King of Kinks

FREE - Browser, Desktop & Android

A game that you might have seen couple years ago when Nutaku was heavily advertising it, even through some of the biggest youtubers such as PewDiePie! In Fap CEO you create your very own webcam business and recruit girls to work for you. They will stream their sexy scenes and bodies to make money for your business! Get intimate with each of them and customize your studio while getting your dick sucked dry under the desk!

Play Fap CEO

FREE - Browser & Android

Cunt Wars is already celebrating 3 years of existence and hasn't deflated since it was launched! This tactical TCG (Trading Card Game) is a simple strategy fighting game in which you summon units on a battlefield to kill the enemy champion. A very easy yet engaging game with plenty of sex content and even a leaderboard with guilds fighting to become the best in the game!

Play Cunt Wars

FREE - Browser & Android

The biggest Nutaku game right now with millions of registered players! Use puzzle mechanics to engage in thrilling turn-based fights. Recruit girls and upgrade them to get access to kinky videos and new skills on the battlefield!

Play Project QT

FREE - Browser, Desktop & Android

Ever wanted to grow your own crops in the country side while fucking the hottest teens of the village? It's now POSSIBLE in Booty Farms! This management game let you engage in a casual adventure in which your assistant, Mindy, not only helps you grow your little farm but also introduce you to all the hotties of the region, ultimately making your hard-work much more bearable by banging a dozen of different hot girls!

Play Booty Farm

FREE - Browser, Desktop & Android

After the Booty Farm, the Booty Calls! This dating-sim puzzle game is FILLED with hundreds of chicks that you can text and interact with. Get on their good side to get further down in their panties! The better your relationship with a girl is, the more sexy pictures she will send you, until you eventually make the dating happen and bang them for real!

Play Booty Calls

FREE - Browser, Desktop & Android

Venture the kingdom of Charde and create a team of young sexy soldiers to reclaim the kingdom's territory! Get help from Zoe, a priestess looking for a way to cure the evil enchantment cursing the land and defeat swarms of enemies in an engaging multi-level adventure. Of course, unlock some hot animated sex scenes with your chicks and get your dick straight into their tight pussies!

Play Horny Arcana

FREE - Browser, Desktop & Android

An erotic clicker featuring real life porn stars in which you have to build a fleeting camgirl empire. Hire more girls and make more cash to hire new girls! Unlock REAL porn scenes featuring Marcello Bravo, Apolonia Lapiedra, Liya Silver and Little Caprice. A great game for those who expect some real porn action mixed with drawn artworks.

Play Cunt Empire

FREE - Browser, Desktop & Android

Enter a world of demons and goddesses in which you reach the Lost Border, a place where maidens and spirits were sent to exile. With the help of Sun Wukong, you will try to get them through the Gate to the Human World so they can start a new life. In the meantime, you will have to satisfy the lustful desires of all these goddesses that have been craving for a cock during centuries!

Play Slutty Journey

FREE - Browser & Android

A great 3D reversed tower-defense game in which you unlock unique girls with unique abilities to walk through levels defended by different monsters. A game with plenty of hentai content, plenty of girls and an addictive gameplay that always makes you want to play "one more game". A great adventure awaits you!

Play Crystal Maidens

You can check more Nutaku games on their website

Nutaku proposes hundreds of games to play on different platforms

You can find a lot more games on Nutaku's website, proposing games that you can play directly on their website through your browser on any device. If you play on Android you can also download each game individually as an app on your phone and enjoy mobile gaming at its best!

Why are all these games free in the first place?

You probably figured out already, but these games are free-to-play, meaning they usually propose the purchase of in-game content that will help you progress faster in the game and unlock sex scenes faster than you would without paying.

However this does not mean that the content is limited for non-paying users. Most if not ALL the games are fully playable without spending a single dollar or euro. Of course there's no shame in spending money in a free-to-play game, considering that it also help the developers to provide more content, but you are not forced to do it. It's also much cheaper than getting scammed by some fake porn game ads on a porn website.

Why Nutaku is a good thing for adult gaming

One thing for sure, Nutaku is a game changer in the adult gaming industry. While Japanese games have a hard time to find their way in western countries, Nutaku is filling a big gap in the porn gaming industry.

Not only do they meet a target audience but they also expand this audience by making their games more popular, which in turn helped a lot of small gaming studios make a step toward the adult industry and try to develop their own games.

We hope that they will keep developing quality games and that more companies and studios will join the movement to bring the top quality adult games that we truly wish for!