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We Tried Porn Games with Lovense Interactive Sex Toys

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Spoiler alert, it was WORTH IT! It was about time for us to step up our adult video gaming routine and for this we got ourselves a Lovense Max 2 to get the best possible experience and see if buying a premium male masturbator was worth the price. We were not disappointed.

Having been in the adult industry for almost a decade, I've seen a lot of sex toys. Back when I was working in porn production we even had a box full of brand new sex toys that we were allowed to take for free. Let's say I've had my share of pocket pussies, from the cheap Tenga models to the more realistic Fleshlight sleeves. And it was definitely fun!

Yet here I am, trying a connected sex toy after 6 years of relationship in which I didn't really feel the need to treat myself for some personal and intimate fun (yes, it's okay to have fun by yourself when you have a partner). And using the Lovense Max 2 while playing sex games definitely felt like I was a dinosaur discovering a smartphone. It blew my mind!

Lovense connected sex toys are the new must for sex games interactivity

The only way to experience porn games to their full potential

Further in the review you will get my full experience while playing an adult online game, but before that I want to talk a bit about adult games. On Steamy Gamer we have been reviewing games for years, and the closest we got to an interactive and immersive experience was VR games and advanced mechanics on titles such as Virt-a-Mate which are pushing the limits of what a virtual sex doll should feel like.

The next step for porn games was obviously going to be connected sextoys. But the adult gaming industry is still a industry in development, and getting attention from the sex toy manufacturers was certainly not an easy task. Yet thanks to Lovense we finally got the attention we deserve.

Now it's up to them to live up to the hype and see if they really made a product that we can consider a must for adult games. Can we actually expect to see more sex toy compatible games in the future? I like to think that we have our role to play by informing people whether or not it's worth investing in such a technology already or if it's too early to consider it. So let's try it out.

Setting up and connecting the sex toy to an interactive porn game

Unboxing anything new is always a pleasure. But unboxing a masturbator is always a guarantee for even more pleasure. And the Lovense Max 2 has quite some appeal from the packaging itself.

Lovense max 2 with vagina sleeve

After examination of the toy, the quality of manufacture and quickly reading the booklet, I start checking the sex games available to get started with my virtual adventure. My choice shifts towards 3DXChat, probably the best 3D realistic online sex game we have ever reviewed. And since I know the game, I will be able to fully focus on the experience.

The pairing was quite simple thanks to the well-done tutorial and there I was, ready to experience my first virtual fuck.

My experience with the Lovense Max 2 and 3DXChat online

And Oh My God, I did have quite low expectations since the Lovense Max 2 was very affordable compared to other regular sextoys, and it far exceeded what I could have imagined.

First and foremost, the sensations were amazing. The sleeve, vibrations and contractions from the toys provide for an amazing experience. I only ever had one vibrating masturbator before this one but it was far behind this new gem of technology. Furthermore, the thing that probably made the sex incredibly realistic was the synchronization between what was happening on screen and what was happening on my rod. I knew it was a connected sex toy and expected some "fun" to happen along with the action of the game, but I was not expecting it to be so well synchronized. You are quite literally fucking a virtual character.

3dxchat lovense interaction

I don't think it's necessary to tell you everything I have tried in-game but I did try as much as I could and there is absolutely to doubt to the fact that I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely renew it. At this point all I was missing was a VR headset. Because yes, 3DXChatis compatible with VR...

The Lovense Max 2, an affordable masturbator for connected games

Let's dig a bit more into what makes this all possible, the technology and the work behind the Lovense Max 2. An all-rounder male masturbator that comes at 99$ on their official website.

The sleeves of the Lovense Max 2, from to original to regular pleasure

The Max 2 comes with its own original sleeve created by Lovense, created to enhance the sensations around your dick when used. You can compare it to these weird looking dildos with a lot of texture made to increase women's pleasure, only this time this is for us, The Boys. Needless to say it's a very comfortable and pleasurable sleeve. It basically stimulates your dong on all the right places, and you don't even need to turn it on to feel it.

You can also buy a regular vagina sleeve for an extra 10 bucks while proceeding to payment. This time you get a realistic pussy sensation and it really gets better with vibrations and contractions. I wouldn't say it's better, it's just different. But I did buy it because it was a cheap extra and I don't regret it, it's nice to be able to switch between the two depending on what you're doing. For solo pleasure I would use the original sleeve, and for video games I would prioritize the vagina sleeve. I'm still waiting for an anal sleeve and a mouth sleeve, maybe in the future?

Lovense Max 2 sleeves

The main features: vibration, contraction and air pump

When you think vibrations for a sex toy, you get the idea of a vibrating dildo. But this is a totally different level. The integrated motor in the Lovense Max 2 is not just a vibrating tool, it also provide 360 degrees contractions around your dick, which I find quite close to the real deal. You get access to 7 different patterns of vibrations and 3 levels of contraction from light to intense that you can control through the app.

The toy also has an air pump button that allows you to control the suction. I'd never really tried a feature like this one, let alone a pump, but I admit once you find the right amount of suction for you it feels like you can really customize your experience. You can release some air with the simple switch of a valve at the top of the toy.

Lovense max 2 remove control vibrations

Connect to your partner's Lovense toy

If you have a distant partner or you're just looking for some extra spice in your couple, you can also allow control of the toy by another person and even synchronize it with another Lovense toy such as the Nora or another Max 2 which will make them move and react to each other. I didn't have the occasion to test this feature but I'm really thinking of getting a female's toy for my partner and see if it's any fun at all. I've seen a bunch of positive reviews on this feature so I'm quite curious not gonna lie.

VibeMate, the app you need for sex cams

If you're into sex cams, then Lovense has its own app, VibeMate, allowing you to connect to the girl's toy and feel the same vibrations that she does, you can also tip her right from the app and get notifications when your favorite cam girls or streamers go online. So far this feature is available on Strip Chat, Bonga Cams, Chaturbate and Cam4 and they are planning to partner with more webcam platforms!

Vibe Mate compatible cam sites

Lovense compatible sex games

So it's great to have a masturbation device that, on its own is a real great product. But what about the games? Is this extra functionality worth the bucks? I'd go the other way around, you have to consider that this is like a "free DLC" from Lovense, since they have added this sex games compatibility not so long ago, and it comes with the already existing price. So could this be just a marketing coup?

Doesn't matter. It works very well and so far they have partnered with 5 promising games including 4 that we have already fully reviewed and praised on our website. This also shows that they've been doing their research and are doing things the right way. Have I forgot to mention that all Lovense devices are compatible with this gaming feature. Amazing no? Now let's check out the list of available games:

The best online 3D sex game in the world right now, create your avatar, meet and fuck real people!

3DXChat is probably the best game to play with a Lovense device. It's a fully 3D open world game with real people, organizing real events in-game, and it's compatible with VR and Lovense. Put the two together and you might just become a reclusive sex-addict. It's a world-wide best seller and the studio updates the game regularly with new content, better graphics, new sex positions and so on. Don't forget the lube and lock the door!

Play Now

A Patreon backed open world RPG with hybrid creatures and a ton of sex possibilities

We played Wild Life when it was just taking its first steps. The game didn't have much to offer 2 years ago, but now, even though the game is not fully released yet, the team has been working hard to provide a story on the magnificent planet Kerpal, full of threats but also full of tribes in which sex is part of their daily routine. It's definitely one of the most advanced sex simulator on the market right now and the demo is totally free to play. To spice things up, simply connect your Lovense device and the rest is pure joy.

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Another 3D open world that is all about breeding! Create your character and go on a fucking adventure!

Another beautiful fantasy world in which your main objective is to catch and breed the Nephelym, which are a race of hybrid creatures with a very strong sex drive. A treat for furry enthusiasts but also a great game for anyone willing to have a real open-world adventure and exploration while enjoying yourselves and all the "possibilities" it has to offer.

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One of the most acclaimed RPG / Visual Novel with fully animated 3D sex scenes and an amazing story line.

We are always happy to talk about any of NLT's games, including Treasure of Nadia. NLT has a reputation for making some of the best animated sex-scenes in visual novels and to propose the most intriguing and interesting stories. When we discovered that they partnered with Lovense we couldn't be more happy. In Treasure of Nadia you take the role of a treasure hunter womanizing 12 beautiful ladies and uncovering the mysteries of Cape Vedra. Mini-games, exploration, quests, puzzles and obviously a lot of sex!

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A game in development by Lovense proposing a virtual sex life

Mirror Life is still in development and from what we've seen it looks like Lovense has decided to make a game that will use the best of their product's functionalities. So far it's not much more than an actual sex simulation in a big mansion in which you can fuck a very good looking girl in "various ways", but we can expect Lovense to propose more features, characters and functionalities that might be exclusive to their product. It's free to play so there's no reason not to try it!

Play Now

Our opinion of Lovense's interactive sex toys with adult games

Lovense did a great job here. Again we are talking about affordable products (I know a hundred bucks is not cheap, but compared to a thousand bucks for a fuck doll that doesn't move...), and this gaming functionality is purely a well executed bonus to the product's initial price. We were not expecting much, or at least we didn't expect it to be so good. The Lovense Max 2 is definitely a great product by itself and I'll keep using it with every possible functionality it has to offer.