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The Better Deal

by Zegames

(3.7 for 11 votes)

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The Better Deal porn game review

A story-focused, highly animated visual novel with several love interests, both male and female. Riley Ito, a former soldier forced to leave the army to support her brother, now faces overwhelming financial difficulties. Just when things seem dire, she receives an irresistible, life-changing opportunity: joining an elite team on a crucial mission to safeguard Professor Chen at a covert laboratory. Will Riley navigate the dangers and protect the professor? Can she find true love amid the chaos? Your choices will determine her fate and her future.

Game Features

(some elements, such as different endings, are not implemented yet)

  • An exciting story with easter eggs and fun elements;
  • Decide if Riley has sexual experience or starts as a virgin.
  • The game adapts to your fetish preferences;
  • There are numerous player choices: make the right decisions with your teammates to win their trust;
  • No irrational, unpredictable game endings;
  • Explore different routes that lead to different endings, depending on Riley's choices, romantic interests, her virginity, and her domination status.

The Better Deal gallery

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The Better Deal comments

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