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Trans Pornstar Harem

by Kinkoid

(3.2 for 117 votes)

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Trans Pornstar Harem porn game review

Looking for a world full of spicy ladyboys and trans babes? Look no further! The new game, Trans Pornstar Harem, offers a heaven filled with real sexy trans pornstars! In this exclusive game, you'll meet the hottest pornstars and make them part of your harem. Have a fun adventure with the horniest trannies craving for your cock!

Trans pornstar harem poster

The horny world of Trans Pornstar Harem

Become the best fucker in the universe!

At the beginning, you're welcomed by a sweet angel inviting you on a sex adventure. And right of the bet you find yourself fucking a hot Asian babe with a dick!

The story is you become the most famous pornstar who fucks the hottest girls. But it all began when you were developing an app for sex models to control their content. Things didn't go smoothly, you couldn't find the funding and you had zero in your pocket to pay rent... Until the sweet angel Carol appeared. She saw a lot of potential in you and promised to make all your troubles go away.

Her magic touch seemed to work. When the landlady appeared to collect a long overdue rent she seemed to want something else instead! And just like that you became the hottest fucker for every lady with juicy cock you meet on your way!

Hot online game full of hottest trans girls

Trans Pornstar Harem is an online game with management mechanics, hot story adventure and plenty of entertaining features to keep you busy. You meet a bunch of famous pornstars with hard dicks and participate in crazy hot & kinky porn scenarios. The ultimate goal is to make your harem the biggest, strongest and horniest!

Trans pornstar harem anal

Entertaining sex adventure with missions, tournaments and events

Gameplay features and progression

Apart from the lewd content, the game has versatile gameplay features. The main part of the game is a visual narrative featuring different chapters each with a sexy pornstar. For example, you will find yourself babysitting a fresh student babe who ought to study for her exams but instead has naughty fantasies with you. Each experience like that adds the girl you just fucked to your own harem and prepares you for the journey that lies ahead.

To progress in the story, energy points are used. The lover rank actions will require just one point, while others of higher rank can take more. Needless to say, all of it is fully uncensored, of high quality and very detailed. The dialogues are nothing crazy or deep, but who has time for deep conversations anyway?

Trans pornstar harem map Trans pornstar harem missions

In addition to the story, you can participate in tournaments. These are fast, automated battles against other harem owners. Bild a team of the most skilled babes of your harem to perform in the tournament and wait for the win. It's that easy. Participating and winning in these tournaments will level up your girls, and will give you XP, affection and juicy rewards!

On top of that, there are other activities to keep you busy and help you manage resources. For example, there are missions. These are timer-based quests that don't need your presence, just click on the mission, wait for the timer to run out, and come back to collect your rewards. The more time a mission takes to complete the juicier the rewards. You get extra XP, money or rare items ultimately for free.

Trans pornstar harem hot student

Harem of trans pornstars at your fingertips

They are hungry for your cock!

Every pornstar in your harem is craving you! Hungry for your dick at all times, make sure regularly satisfy them! This is the key to keep the progress going. Level them up to a higher level: they will make the cash flow and become more skilled in battles. You can buy them gifts to keep them happy and passionate. As a reward, you'll get lots of special hot scenes!

Trans pornstar harem game screen

Should you play Harem Heroes?

Trans Pornstar Harem will definitely appeal to those looking for an effortless porn game filled with hot trans girls and real-life footage with a minimal grind to get to the lewd content. The dialogues are fun and somewhat cheesy, getting you straight to the point. Tons of quality lewd content that was custom-made for the game. The only thing I wished here for are for the sex scenes to be animated. It would be great to see some porn action with a little movement.

I like how easy it is to get girls to your harem from the very beginning, just fuck them and they are yours! Trans Pornstar Harem lets you enjoy a good amount of lewd content from the very beginning, only by progressing through the main story.

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