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Witch Hunter

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Witch Hunter porn game review

Witch Hunter is a parody sex game of animated series W.I.T.C.H, where you play Cedric as he goes on Eartch looking for Prince Phobos' sister, Elyon. But to make sure that the 5 schoolgirls imbued with magic known as the Guardian of the Veil won't be in your way, you'll have to make sure they are emotionally weak and sex is the ultimate weapon to achieve this goal!

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The ultimate W.I.T.C.H R34 porn parody

Become Cedric and look for Prince Phobo's sister

For those of you who are familiar with the W.I.T.C.H series and more particularly the first season, then you won't be too lost in the story. You follow Cedric, a human-snake shapeshifter who has been tasked by the Prince Phobos to find the true heir of the throne, his sister Elyon. She happens to be living on Earth and is not aware of her status or powers.

To do so Cedric first needs to go on Earth and find a cover. He eventually finds a small library and decides to eat the owner in order to become the new librarian and learn about humans through reading books. Smart move!

Zamok beginning witch hunter

Romance the princess and fuck the Guardians of the Veil

Thanks to the Star of Threbe, a magic medallion that has the power to draw the princess towards it, you find her very quickly. But she turns out to be very good friends with the Guardians of the Veil, five schoolgirls magicians who have been interfering in Prince Phobos' deeds for ages.

So in order to capture the princess without them interfering, Cedric finds out that the best way to decrease their power is to lower their emotional state and make them vulnerable. Turns out that the best way to achieve this is through feelings and intercourse (a good fuck). The princess is also one of them since she needs to be weakened to avoid her awakening her powers.

Elyon cleaning the shelves

Be a good librarian and a good friend

Because the mission is so sensitive, Cedric will need to get into close and intimate relationships with each of the Guardians of the Veil: Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin. You'll get a mobile phone on which you'll be able to track your missions and progress which will help you to go forward with each character. Once they trust you enough through the story you'll have no difficulty to get under their panties and fuck them!

Cornerlia first kiss witch hunter hentai

A great looking parody with interactive elements

Mini-games, tasks and quests

The game offers plenty of quests and mini-games that will help you move forward in the story. You basically depend on them to progress in your adventure. I'm usually not a big fan of visual novels with grinding since I like to get things done pretty quickly but Witch Hunter is quite fine on this aspect and doesn't necessarily requires you to repeat too much actions to get what you need.

The librarian mini-game in which you basically sell books to people and catch thieves (I've never seen so many thieves in a library, I mean where the hell is that fucking library located???) is quite simple and will get you a reasonable amount of money in 2 minutes so that you won't have to perform it every day (in-game).

Cedric work library mini game witch hunter

Faithful graphics and comic style

The 2DCG graphics of the game are totally on point, it reminded me how Four Elements Trainer from the Avatar universe totally nailed the art. And that's probably one of the most important aspect and most difficult in a R34 parody like Witch Hunter: to look convincing. The characters are also just like the ones from the series so nothing really ever feels out of place and to be honest the more you play the more you tend to enjoy this game.

The hentai & sex content in Witch Hunter

A lot of h-scenes with almost every character

Since it's not an original story and most of it is recycled from the actual series, it makes sense that a lot of the content expected would be the +18 scenes. And they've delivered pretty well! It does take a good hour before getting to your first hentai scene but once you've had your first sex scene it almost feels like it's raining blowjobs and pussies!

From boobjob to anal sex, masturbation, voyeurism or group sex, the game offers quite a variety of kinks and you never feel like a scene has been recycled from a character to another. It's also worth noting that sex in the game is obtained through different ways, you can have a good fuck with a girl because she wants to, or you can throw one in the dungeon and use her as your sex slave (poor Alchemy, she had it coming).

Very few of the scenes are animated however and we can't say that those are really worth it. In general the sex scenes are quite short and won't include more than 2 or 3 sprites that are usually separated into "in", "out" and "cumshot". Quite a bummer but overall still very decent scenes.

Bess courtney witch hunter blowjob Alchemy gangbang witch hunter

Plenty of other R34 parodies in the game

Every good parody sex game has easter eggs and characters from other franchises. That's totally the case in Witch Hunter. From Totally Spies to Dofus, you will often see some random characters popping in the story or in the mini-games that you might actually get to fuck.

Evangelin amalia cedric group sex witch hunter Totally Spies witch hunter hentai sex

Conclusion: a great game for fans, a good game for curious people

Let's be honest, Witch Hunter is above average in terms of parody sex games. A real story, great artworks, decent mini-games and a good amount of sex scenes. It's not the game of the year in my opinion since I'm not fond of mini-games and not particularly a fan of the TV series, yet I can see the appeal with the game and I appreciate the quality of the work and dedication.

Also the game's free version is pretty chunky already so I'm always happy to recommend a game that is both free and has a good amount of content. Overall a solid game, feel free to check Lazy tart's patreon page if you want to support their work and have access to the latest versions!

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