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Best Sex Games to Play if You Are New to Adult Games

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Don't know where to start? Our special selection of the best porn games should help you make a choice. [Article image artist unknown]

A selection of role model sex games in the adult gaming industry

Original Porn Games to Play Right Now

We all have been there, wandering through Google search, looking for real adult sex games and only getting across poor-quality flash games in most of the results. Luckily, times are changing.

For a couple of years, the adult gaming industry has been progressing fast. There are a lot of indie game developers interested to deliver a quality product, Steam already proposes NSFW games on its platform, and many studios are putting their resources into adult video games development.

In a world swarming with tons of hentai visual novels, porn RPG and idle sex puzzle games, we've selected the best porn games to start playing if you are new to adult games. Buckle up, and let's go!

Best Porn Visual Novels to Play

Visual novels, also abbreviated as VN, is a genre of interactive text-based games, that consist of a certain story and static or interactive visuals in the meantime. Often visual novels feature engaging elements, like choice-making or problem-solving moments during a narrative that may affect a storyline and lead a player towards one of the multiple endings.

Ultimately, adult visual novels are associated with hentai and Japanese style artworks, however, there are many good porn visual novels for any lewd taste.

There is no a better fulfilling visual novel out there then Summertime Saga. It offers a little something for everyone and allows you to explore a number of fetishes without forcing you into them. The game is a great example of an interactive visual novel, that features an engaging story, over 65 characters to interact with, 30+ unique locations and more than 20 mini-games to keep you busy for hours. Summertime Saga is a constantly updated project, with a lot of content added with every update. No surprises this ambitious project from DarkCookie gained so much recognition among players.

Summertime Saga is free for everyone, however, you can support the game on their Patreon and get extra perks and exclusive rewards.

To know more about Summertime Saga read our detailed game review.

Summertime saga map Summertime Saga Screenshot 4 Summertime Saga Screenshot 6 Summertime Saga Screenshot 1 Summertime Saga Roxxy Boner Locker Summertime saga location fishing spot
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For those who are getting familiar with hentai visual novels Negligee may be the right game to start. It is a good lesbian visual novel that features a well written multiple paths story with decision-making on the way. You play as a new manager of a lingerie store, working alongside beautiful girls. The game has a lot of hot uncensored artworks and beautiful hentai sex scenes to enjoy with every girl.

The fully uncensored version of the game is available on Nutaku. However, if you want to get Negligee on Steam, don't forget to download the "uncensored patch" you can find here.

Negligee three sexy girls in lingerie Negligee girls eating sushi on big boobs Negligee dialogue in the room Negligee girls having sex in shower naked with vibrators
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Best 3D Sex Games to Play

If you prefer close-to-real graphics then 3D sex games may be just right for you. Unlike with visual novels, where game mechanics are limited and predictable, the 3D video games do not stick to a particular genre and can offer you a much more versatile in-game experience.

House Party is a fun porn game, it's a party simulator where you're invited to a friend's house and try to get laid by completing interactive quests. The game creates a real-life house party atmosphere, where you and guests are freely moving around the house, talk to each other, dancing, drinking and basically having fun. House party proposes eight unique girls with different personalities, attitudes, bodies and sex scenes.

House Party Screenshot 16 House Party Screenshot 4 House Party Screenshot 19 House Party Screenshot 7 House Party Screenshot 5 House Party Screenshot 17
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One of the most famous 3D online sex simulation game nowadays. 3DXChat is a vast online multiplayer, where you can have a unique 3D sex experience with real people! Think about it as a porn version of Sims 4, but the cool twist is, there is a real person behind every avatar with whom you can interact, socialize and romance online.

You can customize your character, participate in social events, parties and contests organized by real players. Hit the beach and join some hot babes to play volleyball, visit the night club and get wild public sex with a bunch of strangers. 3DXChat proposes unlimited options.

To know more about 3DXChat read our detailed game review.

3Dxchat 13 3Dxchat 7 3Dxchat 16 3Dxchat 6 3Dxchat 8 3Dxchat 18
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Best VR Sex Games to Play

Virtual Reality games are a new generation of computer games with a technology that gives players a truly immersive, first-person perspective expperience through specialized gaming equipment and accessories like Oculus or HTC Vive. The player is presented at the moment and can influence the environment on the go.

People who are lucky enough to own a VR headset can now watch VR porn or play exciting VR sex games in the comfort of their own homes. One of the main advantages of VR games is that they propose a completely unique and fully controlled simulated sex experience.

If you're lucky to own a VR headset, then VR sex games are another type that is definitely worth trying. One of the main advantages of VR games is that they propose a completely unique and fully controlled simulated sex experience.

VR Kanojo is one of the most polished VR porn games nowadays, which can provide a unique virtual sex experience with Japanese cutie.

In the game, you hang out with the Japanese schoolgirl Sakura Yuuhi in her place. You can talk to her, help her, touch her and go full into sex adventure with a cute looking and well-animated partner. You can fully customize your virtual girl and the game is also responsive to hand controllers meaning you can interact with her directly, touch her body parts, see her pantsu from very close, nut on her chest, you name it.

IMPORTANT: the Steam version doesn't have lewd content, so make sure to download a free lewd patch for a full porn experience.

Kanojo vr sex with sakura naked girl Kanojo vr naked girl in bathroom Kanojo vr sexy girl in lingerie Kanojo vr sexy girl sakura in her room Kanojo vr sexy girl in panties touching sexy ass Kanojo vr sexy maid Kanojo vr touching boobs in bathtab
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Best Free-to-Play Mobile Sex Games to Play

Free Porn Games to play on Android and iOS devices

Free-to-play porn games are ultimately free but feature in-game purchases. Usually, such games have a waiting time during gameplay or require the item/currency collecting in order to progress further with the story or NSFW content. If a player is not patient enough, he can throw in some cash and get to those horny babes much faster.

However, if the game balance done well, you won't really feel the pressure to pay for your progression and can equally enjoy the gameplay and the lewd content.

7 Angels is a beautiful Android free-to-play game with a good balance and engaging gameplay. It's a dating simulator in the form of a dating app, where you get involved in hot dates and seductive adventures, receive tons of nude artworks and have fun in challenging mini-games. 7 Angels is a good sex game to play to get familiar with free-to-play game mechanics while enjoying high-quality nudes ;)

Check our list of other free porn games for Android.

7 Angels Lilith 7 Angels Blowjob 7 Angels Ruby Game 7 Angels Bubble Game 7 Angels Anal Dildo Bareback 7 Angels Pussy Masturbation Pov
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Vixen Wars is an easy-to-master straightforward hentai game that features a combination of card builder and tower defense battle mechanics. Fight dark magic with sexy girls by your side! Progress in the game, collect powerful and horny warriors and get tons of naughty lewd scenes with every one of them. Vixen Wars is a free-to-play game available to play on iOS devices.

Unfortunately, there are not many porn games for iOS devices, but we are keeping an eye on the best out there so far. Check our selection of the best iOS porn games of 2020.

Vixen Wars Kasumi Big Boobed Brunette Vixen Wars Girl Collection Vixen Wars Tower Defence Battle Vixen Wars Asian Girl Sex Scene Vixen Wars Kasumi Brunette Sex Scene Vixen Wars Tower Sexy Girl Equipment Boobs
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Best Indie Sex Games to Play

Unique Indie Porn Games Worth Trying

Now, indie porn games is a whole other world full of quality and unique adult video titles. Thanks to ambitious game developers there are plenty of sex games to match every lewd preference and taste. Not much to say, we will share with you a couple of them, just to show you how awesome they can be.

Check our indie category to find more.

An amazing example of a well-made flash sex game, shoutout to Team Tailnut's.

Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf is a game about a nasty little pig Pigglet. Armed with his Elvis-style haircut and his pink cock, he pays a visit to the most monstrous restaurant in the forest: Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf. The place is filled with naughty monsters who don't seem to know how to run a restaurant, so it will be your duty to assist them and experience all the sexual benefits of being a helpful little pig!

The game has amazing graphics, very naughty sex scenes and an interesting story. Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf has a public version for free. But if you want to unlock all the lewd content and get access to the newest versions of this and other games Team Tailnut's is developing, consider supporting developers on Patreon.

Pigglet in mrs big bad werewolf mori moto Pigglet in mrs big bad werewolf forest Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Fight Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Wyvern Screenshot Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Screenshot Doggystyle Pigglet In Mrs Big Bad Werewolf Screenshot Hot House
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Good Girl Gone Bad has a well-developed multiple paths storyline, a lot of hot characters, and a great amount of lewd and daring content! Play as a hot college girl, who is faced with a lot of tempting choices setting her off on various life paths. Either path you choose, right or wrong, be ready to enjoy a lot of very fappable material!

Gggb Screenshot 4 Gggb Screenshot 5 Gggb Screenshot 7 Gggb Screenshot 13 Gggb Screenshot 11
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Didn't Get Enough of Sex Games?

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