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Samsung Girl (Samantha) - R34 and Sex Content

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Barely 4 days ago, the internet discovered Samantha or Sam, a rejected project for what could have become a virtual assistant for Samsung phones. Needless to say that when this got leaked, the internet fell in love with her... and grew very horny about her. That's the R34 rule! If it exists, there porn of it, and damn people took no time to make her as naked as a worm and as wet as a fish. [Article artwork by Kistune Arts].

Already a ton R34 hentai and porn about Samantha Samsung

The best websites for R34 on Sam

Here are the best sources of hentai content for Samantha Samsung:

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The hentai artworks of Samantha Samsung

Let's start by what you dirty minded people probably came here for in the first place. All the juicy work that a bunch of talented artists came up with in less than a split second after Samantha took over the internet.

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And that is just the very tip of the iceberg. The Rule34 subreddit is filled with more lewd artworks from Samantha Samsung, and don't ask me how but they just keep coming, with every hour new hentai masterpieces from the best adult illustrators out there.

And there's more porn about Samantha on tube sites like YouPorn

If the drawing artists have been working hard on making Samantha as lewd and horny as possible. It didn't take long for video creators and animation artists to follow-up. See for yourself.

We can only expect more in the days to come, and we are very curious to see how long this trend is gonna last!

The Story of Samantha Samsung, the rejected project for Samsung Assistant

The sad story of Sam and her hidden existence until now

At the beginning of June we learned about Sam. A very anime looking Samsung Assistant proposal made by Lighfarm in collaboration with the Cheil agency, the latter owned by Samsung directly.

If visibly commissioned, Sam was rejected before we could put our eyes on her. A sad story for what recently became the most popular virtual character in the R34 community and the mainstream artists.

Samantha samsung smile

Samantha will not replace Bixby, the current Samsung Assistant

If the internet is providing Samsung with a free marketing campaign, Samantha is not a replacement for Bixby, the current assistant equipped on Samsung devices. And let's be honest, there's been way too much porn about it already to hope using it in anyway right now.

This could very well be a reason for why Sam was rejected in the first place. Samsung, as a Japanese firm, knows way too well about the dangers of making a barely legal good looking 3D figure. We can probably expect her to come to life as a VTuber eventually, or simply keep to fuel the internet and dirty minds of people with endless R34 content.

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