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Treasure Hunt with Camille

Go treasure hunting with Camille! She doesn’t take compliments easily, but she is one treasure of a woman! You can obtain tons of valuable rewards by going on a treasure box hunt.

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Project qt treasure hunt with camille event poster

Tons of valuable rewards

Embark on a treasure hunt and get loads of rewards:

- Variegated Feathers (unlock at Floor 4)
- Water Awaken Stone (unlock at Floor 6)
- Fire Awaken Stone (unlock at Floor 6)
- Lightning Awaken Stones (unlock at Floor 6)
- Wind Awaken Stones (unlock at Floor 6)
- Camille Awaken Stones (unlock at Floor 6)

Moreover, you can:

- You can collect special event items in the Portal
- Purchase event items at a great value.
- Log in every day during the event period to get the below rewards for free in the mailbox
- Compass x1
- Coins x2000

Remember: your Compass will be reset once the event is over. It can't be saved for the next event.