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Sex Games Free Download 18+ (Any Platform)

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Finding quality, good, free sex games can be a pain in the ass. So we've prepared a list of porn games that you can download for free, and for every platform including Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Browser.

Are all these sex games really free?

Yes, all of these games are free and do not require any credit card information

If you've been poking around and searching for adult games, you might rightfully ask if all of the games presented in this list are actually free to play, and the answer is YES. They are all free to download and play and none of them will ask you any credit card information.

We know how a lot of adult gaming studios and websites are trying to scam players by selling overpriced games or hide fees and cross-sales during payment, but we've looked into all of them so that you don't have to do it yourself.

So relax, you can browse and download any game from this list in peace!

Free sex games download on Android

Our selection of the best free porn games for Android

Android is probably one of the best platforms when it comes to adult video games. Since the mobile gaming industry took off couple years ago, a lot of gaming studios have tried their luck in the adult industry, proposing quality games for free. The free-to-play model has proven to be a very efficient business strategy and it's been working so well that there are new games released on websites like Nutaku every month.

The most complete dating-sim/arcade game with every kinks imaginable and hundreds of girls!

Swarming with porn content, Booty Calls is a puzzle game and dating-sim that you simply can't get bored off. Your never run out of girls to date and fuck and always discover a new chick with a unique personality to talk to. A real fun to play casually on mobile

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A story-driven chatting simulation with crazy sex stories and unique scenarios that are absolute gems!

7 Angels is more than a great Android game, it's an experience! Embark in a one-in-a-lifetime adventure that will make you take part in unique scenarios in which you will chat with girls by phone and take decisions that will influence the outcome! It's also includes a satisfying puzzle game in order to progress in the adventures and unlock more messages.

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A increasingly popular game with stunning sex scenes and visuals!

In King of Kinks you build a harem of sexy chicks to take part in 5v5 strategic battles. This fantasy hentai game is perfect for people looking for a quick-play game with tons of lewd content!

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Check out all the games available on Android

If you are playing on Android, then you should definitely check our dedicated article to find more awesome and sexy games. And if you just want to browse the hundreds of games available on our site then click the button to go to the Android games category!

All Android games

Free sex games for PC

Our top selection of porn games you can play for free on PC

PC is an equally good, if not better platform to play porn games. The reason is, all Android games are usually available on PC, and some sex games are exclusive on PC, which makes it the top place to enjoy any type of sex content and entertainment.

A fighting/puzzle game sitting at the top position for sex games on Android

When it comes to casual mobile games with tons of sex content, Project QT is definitely at the top. The game provides regular updates and plenty of girls to play with including hundreds of sex scenes and artworks!

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The only true online multiplayer sex-simulation experience.

3DXChat is by far the best online sex-life simulation MMO available, and also the most popular one! The game offer you to create a fully-customizable character in an open world featuring other real players and lets you live the sex life of your choice. Fuck other players online and take part in the many events organized by players or the game itself!

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The number 1 parody/rule 34 sex video game

Despite its simple artistic direction, Hentai Heroes is one of the most popular adult games available right now. The reason is simple, it has an almost never ending story that is close to hilarious and plenty of sex content to get your hormones flowing. The game is a mix of a visual novel and a fighting game that also includes some multiplayer and gatcha elements. It provides weekly events and updates and it's totally free to play!

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We have plenty more games that you can play on PC

As we said earlier, PC is a great platform with tons of crazy good looking adult games and we have plenty of them to provide you on our website! Check out our dedicated PC category to find hundreds of amazing sex games that you can install and play now!

All PC games

Free sex games you can download on iOS

The best-rated games that you should play on iOS

If iPhones make up for 25% of mobile users, it's far from being the ideal platform to play adult games. One of the reason is that all iOS apps are tightly linked to the App Store, making it nearly impossible to develop independent program that are running without having Apple know about them. And obviously Apple's position regarding adult content and games is a big NO. This is discouraging for game developers which is why there are very few games available on iOS.

A turn-based classic RPG featuring cute and horny female warriors

Kamihime Project R is a hentai turn-based battle game where you create your own team composed of different classes such as healers, sorcerers, warriors and more to face evil bosses and swarm of enemies. Play in the story mode to unlock hundreds of high quality animated lewd artworks with voiced dialogues!

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The Marvel/DC superhero porn game that you didn't know you needed

Become one of the most important superhero of your generation, using your dick! Your superpower? Enhancing other superheroes powers through the power of sex, and they love it! This comic inspired R34 game lets you create a harem of sex hungry super heroines and fight against villains. You will get plenty of really hot sex scenes during your adventure, that you can re-watch at any time!

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A multiplayer classic pixel RPG, that will give you some Zelda vibes!

Princess Pixel is an amazing hentai pixel RPG with plenty of dungeons and quests to explore, leading to some hot hentai scenes along the way. The queen gave you a task than many failed before you: find the missing princess! You will take on fights and live a unique adventure with plenty of girls to meet and fuck on your way!

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Check all the games available on iOS devices

Even if iOS is not the best platform for sex games, there are couple dozen games available and we totally encourage you to check them out on our dedicated category page! Good news, most of them are free and they pack a good amount of sex content with incredible sex scenes and artworks!

All iOS games

Free sex games for Mac

Our favorite porn games to play on Mac

A clicker porn game in which you partake in sexual adventures among the gods!

A very well crafted adult clicker with a great storyline! You play as Eros, the god of pleasure, and make your way in an adventure filled with steaming orgies, anal plays, some well-deserved bukkakes and more!

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A new game featuring real life actresses, where you get to create your own porn studio!

Brazzers the game is an amazing simulation game that lets you create and manage a porn studio. Book and train many famous real-life porn stars and choose the kind of movies that you want to make! Sell you movies to make money and unlock new categories of porn for your upcoming movies!

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Manage your own farm and meet a bunch of hot countryside girls craving for a fresh cock!

After inheriting a farm far from the city, you can't decide if you should sell it or not. That's until the sexy Mindy comes to help you and becomes your personal assistant manager. In addition she will propose to clean your cock with her mouth and introduce you to a bunch of other sex craving gals from the village!

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Unlike iOS, Mac devices are not so bad for adult games. There is much more freedom for developers to develop on the Apple computers, and just like on Windows or pretty much any computer, you can play any kind of browser games.

Check out more games available for Mac

Don't worry, these are far from being the only porn games you can play on Mac! There are plenty more stunning titles that you should try out and you can check them all out by browsing our dedicated category page.

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